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  • Lawsuit claims Apple Watch infringes on activity monitoring patent

    I’m so tired of this sort of thing. You can get a patent for the idea of measuring something with a microprocessor and sensors? Sheesh. 

    Didn’t the USPTO used to require a working model to get a patent?  

    Too bad my grandfather didn’t know about this. He could have patented the idea of communicating electronically over a wire without actually building anything. Later he could have sued Ma Bell for billions. I could have been rich.
  • Compared: 2021 iPad Pro vs 2020 iPad Pro and 2018 iPad Pro

    I don’t _need_ it, but the better display, LiDAR, better performance and Thunderbolt are all good incentives, so I probably will upgrade from the 2018 version. I’d like to see them in the store first.
  • 'iPhone 12' may not ship with EarPods, power adapter to offset 5G costs

    This kind of makes sense. Most of us have too many headphones and power adapters laying around. For those that don't this is a good way for 3rd party sellers to gain a leg up. They can offer an iPhone with these bundled for free as a way to discount the iPhone. This is pretty much how it works with Macs and RAM. Apple's memory is higher priced which lets others offer deals by selling a Mac with extra RAM for free or at low price.
  • Why Apple's supply chain is prepared for China's coronavirus

    This is a great editorial. 

    Operations has been the magic of Apple hiding in plain site. You don't see it in the product pictures, or the testimonials. It shows up when you realize that Apple products sell well over a hundred million units a year. iOS is localized in over 100 languages and I don't know how many countries, and it just hums along like a finely tuned engine. Incredible. 

    The other thing to know is how lazy some of these reporters are. They piece together a few rumors and make pronouncements about the future of Apple's business. Coming up with an accurate report would take a lot of hard research. 
  • Apple Watch so huge, it has eclipsed 'peak iPod'

    lkrupp said:
    tht said:
    The AR glasses, another wearable, could be quite the game changer, and put the wearables category into the iPhone space in terms of revenue. Some fashion challenges involving wearing glasses in the first place, but the make or break will be what features and functions it can provide to users. If they are good, AR glasses could be as common at sun glasses.
    No. The public simply will not accept these things as normal. Remember Google Glass and the glass-holes. We already have people falling down escalators and into water fountains while playing on their phones. Imagine what AR glasses would add to that mix.
    It’s a concern but we’ll have to wait and see what they come up with. I’m not against the concept, clearly Google didn’t think it through.