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  • This Apple Watch charger is better than Apple's in every way

    I use the elaborate stand that looks like a Classic Mac. I love it. It looks cool and it anchors the watch.
  • Why Apple's Macs can now ditch Intel x86 and shift to ARM

    Interesting speculation at the end about the future of computers. It could be that the CPU will be reduced to a kind of dispatcher with various coprocessors  doing all the heavy lifting. 
  • Apple's iOS soft keyboard target of new patent lawsuit

    rob53 said:
    Typical keyboard used on a variety of computer systems fir the last 40 years. How did he get a patent on this widely used input device?
    Exactly. We've had a bazillion different function key and on screen keyboard configurations since at least the 1960s. How did he get a patent for function keys? The only possibility I can imagine is that this patent is very narrowly defined. 

    We got attacked once like this. The guys was claiming a patent for something about using colors on a computer. At the time we'd had colors used in this particular way for decades. I ignored him. He kept sending nasty, threatening letters which the lawyer told us to ignore. Eventually he gave up. 

    I came up through engineering and science. I've come to find in the business world that there is a lot of bluster and BS flung about. If someone gives in and pays you then you win. You don't have to be right.

    By the way, wasn't Apple's first on-screen keyboard on the Newton? I didn't have one and couldn't confirm this by searching. Certainly the original Mac had an onscreen keyboard somewhere along the line for seeing which key combinations produce which character.
  • Hands on with Apple's new voice control accessibility feature in iOS 13

    Did you get a chance to try the feature where you can add your own words to the vocabulary? I am really interested in this. It would be nice to use dictation, but I write technical pieces and need specialized vocabulary.

    I suspect that I don't need all that many extra words. 

    A long time ago I got a spell check program with no dictionary. I just started using it on all my communication back to my home office. I carefully checked the list of spelling errors and when I was sure they were right I used them to create my own dictionary. I should have tracked the number of new words over time. It seems like this dropped in a nonlinear fashion.

    Similarly, once I add the names of the elements and some other technical words then I think the number of new words needed each week will be small. 

    I do wonder what will happen to the accuracy of dictation if the vocabulary becomes larger?
  • Apple's millennial leap from fading Golden Age icon to flexible, flashy plastic fashion

    Google closed down over 7% after hours partly due to poor Pixel sales. They are cutting back on development of phones and tablets.