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  • Apple Music overtakes Spotify in U.S. subscriber counts

    urahara said:
    I still like Spotify more, bacause you have here playlists created by other users.
    Apple Music has playlists created by other users. 

    When you create a playlist of your own, you can go to the "For You" tab, then click on your face, and you can manage the list of your own playlists that you share publicly. 

    When you follow other people, friends or famous people, you see their personal playlists, and can even subscribe to them. They're live updating, just like the ones produced by Apple themselves.
  • Apple taking Maps 'to the next level' in iOS 12

    I don't like Google Maps because of privacy issues. I mostly only use Apple Maps. But then, I visited a small city in Quebec, and Apple Maps basically pretended like it didn't exist. The satellite imagery was super blurry, and all in black and white. There were very few points of interest marked. 

    I bit the bullet and installed Google Maps, because I needed to find a place to eat breakfast with my kids. It blew my mind apart, to see how far ahead Google is than Apple. Considering the absolute poverty of Apple's data in this city, Google had street view of every street in the town. AND, it had 3D models of many major landmarks, such as the main cathedral. 

    I love Apple, and I am super glad to hear that they're still putting their shoulder behind the grindstone and are committed to improving Maps, because compared to Google, they have a very long way to go. Maybe that's not true in big cities like San Fran or New York, but in smaller places it is very much the case.
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  • Video: AppleInsider reviews Apple's iPhone X with Face ID

    I'm not a big fan of his speech rhythm. It sounds overly read–from–a–script. The intonation rises and falls in strange and off putting ways. 

    The content of the video is fine, but the delivery is distracting. This is just constructive criticism, I'm not trying to be a dick. I think you should try to have a more naturally flowing, conversational voice.