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  • Epic Games amplifies antitrust complaint against Apple in the UK

    Should Amazon be told to let manufacturers sell their products on Amazon free of charge?  If you want to sell your goods in someone’s store you have to give them the opportunity to make a profit. 
  • Samsung considering copying Apple's AC charger removal despite mocking ads

    FoodLover said:
    Samsung is going to inevitably make the same "for the environment" claim.  
    If they did, it would be credible. Before Apple Samsung removed the headphones from the Note 20 series "for the environment", while shipping free of charge headphones to any customer who asks for it, i.e. no rip-off of customers.

    Removing headphones from the box and then shipping them anyway is probably more harmful to the environment 
  • Epic says Apple no longer plans to disable 'Sign in with Apple'

    Pascalxx said:
    @22july2013 ;

    I am somewhat sympathetic to this hypothetical argument on a general level.

    I do see a few problems with it, though, as expressed in the following statement:
    "the founding principles of general purpose computers were to give full control of the computer to the user"

    1. While I like the idea of giving full control to the user, I wonder how this ideal would be relevant to a legal argument since it is not codified anywhere nor promised by Apple (or is it?)
    2. Is a smartphone really a general-purpose computer? (could apply to iPad, though)
    3. Censorship by private companies, including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, is probably done not because it's an internal priority to these companies but because it is mandated by law  or at least discussed under the issue of platform responsibility/liability (to block illegal content).
    4. The critique of censorship (as in approving apps) in these broad strokes also apply to Epic's store or any other App store.
    Your questions are legitimate, although not entirely persuasive. Just remember, it's not the job of the argument to see the whole picture or come up with an entire solution. That's the job of lawmakers. Our job is to simply win a judgment in court. One of Epic's original claims was to be allowed to install their own App Store in iOS, and that was exactly the kind of injunction I was aiming for with my argument. I made the best case I could to get that judgment. That's all.
    Living in the U.K. I am thinking of opening my own supermarket. I asked Tesco, the country’s biggest supermarket, if I could open my supermarket within one of their stores for free. The told me to #*!% off. 
  • Mark Zuckerberg claims Apple's App Store charges 'monopoly rents,' stifles innovation

    So a company worth almost $850bn is complaining Apple is restricting their ability to make money. 
  • Samsung names Taemoon Roh as new smartphone chief

    Samsung are doomed.