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  • Review: The 2019 21.5-inch iMac 4K is iterative, not transformative

    I have to agree with the HD skimping by apple causing a bad taste for their computer.   I bought the 2017 21" 4k iMac with 1 terabyte fusion last year and it was the biggest mistake.   My wife's 2011 1 terabyte fusion with the 128gb ssd has been great.  still fast after all these years.  Opening apps is still 1-2  blinks to open Excel or word.   This 2017 1 terabyte which has a 32gb fusion (not 64gb like the previous poster said) is terrible at launching apps.  I've noticed the apple apps like safari or messages will open on the ssd.  1 blink all the time.   but word or excel forget it takes a good 10-15 seconds to open for the first time.  1 blink on the second run but most of the time if you switch users and log back in it takes the app off the ssd and it's another 15 second wait.  32gb on a fusion is a terrible experience let alone without a fusion drive.  For a first time user of a Mac waiting 1 minute for startup and 15 seconds for app launches that's a lot of spinning beachballs in one day.  And if your like me I own a laptop with a ssd even if it's a old 2012 MacBook Pro you fill like the brand new $1600 computer is from the 90's.  with more people having ssd laptops standard and iPad's with flash storage and apps opening in a blink moving to a 15 second launch on a 2019 computer is just a subpar, many beachballs a day, experience.   Luckily I spent extra for 16gb of ram so I can leave my apps open in all the users to at least  avoid the bouncing apps in the dock.  8gb ram people forget it I'd return the iMac for a laptop and a external display.....
  • Review: Thunderbolt 3 Akitio Node Lite & Intel Optane 905P SSD delivers sustained blisteri...

    OWC's ThunderBlade1.0TB thunderbolt 3 Solid-State Drive is able to hit 2800MB/s read and 2450MB/s write (3800 if it's in Raid config) for $800? Or am I missing something compared to this one's 1740/2100Mb's $1261 price tag?

  • Apple assessed Apple TV 'dongle' to goose adoption of new streaming service, report says

    I’ve had each generation of atv since generation 3.  Each one gets better.  I love my 4K atv.   Using the clunky google interface of my Sony tv or even the new 4K Blu-ray player is terrible compared to apples. Googles interface installed on all the TVs and the crappy amazon fire stick is 10 times worse than apples.  I’ve trued using my sisters fire stick and it’s the worst slowest crap I’ve used.  Most of these complaints probably don’t have a decent 4K tv running hdr correctly to even appreciate the new Apple TV. I have a very large dvd collection but to watch a ripped 480p dvd after watching a 4K movie....come on it’s like going back in time so such a moot point to bitch about on a 4K streaming set. Just put the damn original dvd in a Blu-ray player if you want to watch a old movie probably does a better job of upscaling than some compressed rip job.  Personally Ill take a 4K hdr hd/cd/ quality 7.1 audio than a old mp3 compressed 480 dvd. Hulu handles 99% of my tv shows.  Directv now handles my live tv and hbo.   Netflix handles my series.  Can it improve, of course,  every iOS update every year polishes it even more.  

    Most complaints I see are the same ones the windows/android crowd would give. “(the big one) can’t pirate, Can’t modify, too expensive, want it for $40. 

  • DirecTV Now breaks 200,000 subscribers in problematic first month of service

    I have my Apple TV connected with ethernet on a time warner 300mbps line.  Of course this only gives a 95mbps consistent down speed since apple only has a 100mbps ethernet which is a whole other conversation....(Here's hoping  that apple doesn't skimp on the next Apple TV and put a gigabit ethernet line).  With that being said directtvnow has been very stable so far.  Been watching the NFL playoff games, NBA games and the local news and it's been very clear with no pauses so far.  Streaming on a computer has a lot of pauses so that needs work but on the Apple TV and the iPhone it's been a solid performer even on LTE out of the house.  With HBO for $5 compared to the $15 subscription it's been a winner for me.  It's nice that i can log into the hbo app with the directtvnow  login so that i can get the surround sound tracks since the directtvnow Apple TV app is only stereo.  It has room to grow and work out the bumps.  we will see how the Super Bowl broadcast holds up.