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  • Alleged 'iPhone 7' leak offers crystal clear look at larger single-lens camera, tweaked antenna lin

    Looks good.
  • Alleged 'iPhone 7' chassis shows symmetrical speakers, lacks 3.5mm headphone jack

    Disappointing if true,  The headphone jack is one of the most important features to me.... Way more important than the camera...  I use it hours every day in multiple locations, connected to different devices (car stereo, large quality headphones I keep at work, small ear buds I use for working out, and multiple home stereos depending on what room I am in). 

    No other audio interface will suffice,  I am not willing to sacrifice the quality & convenience of a traditional headphone jack, I am not willing to spend hundreds of dollars to buy several dongles or spend hundreds of dollars to change my audio equipment,  And I am not willing to carry a dongle with me at all times. 

    Its a simple, ubiquitous, quality, standard, with no peer.   Its not like the floppy disk, its not like fire wire.

    So if these rumors are, true my next phone will be an android.

    For how long? Once Apple drop the headphone jack it'll become more and more prevalent amongst other device manufacturers and within 5 years no one will use or miss the headphone jack. Move with the times.
  • Microsoft stays true to its word, will end free Windows 10 upgrades on July 29

    About time they just offered one version that does everything for $119 instead of multiple versions with a few different features here and there. As for well received, for the Windows users in my household it's been nothing but a bag of hurt. No end of problems, things missing that have been in previous versions of Windows, some functionality has been lost across the OS and bundled apps. My mother wanted to play a DVD, connected an external drive to her laptop and guess what, no software included with Windows 10 to play a DVD! Nightmare.
  • Apple supplier Pegatron still using low pay, excessive overtime, watchdog group says

    It's worth noting that Pegatron likely assembles products for other tech companies as well, not just Apple. Not that the media cares, Apple always seems to be the poster child for workers treatment and supplier responsibility while other companies remain silent on the issue.
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  • Apple launches new 12" MacBooks with Intel Skylake CPUs, rose gold color & longer battery life

    jdw said:
    480p camera = Light years ahead.

    Oh wait...  It's actually:

    Light. Years Ahead.

    Clever, Apple.  Very clever.

    I waited a year for gen-2 and they still insult my intelligence with a horrific camera of epic proportions.  I just sent Apple my displeasure.  Perhaps you should as well:

    And don't give us the "there isn't a 720p camera that's thin enough" cop out.  Making excuses for Apple only says "I'm as smart as Apple."  Which isn't very smart at all since neither you nor Apple can fit good tech in a thin chassis.  I say DO A STEVE JOBS.  When stupid engineers tell me it can't be done, I say, DO IT ANYWAY.  Where there's a will, there's a way.  There's always a way.  No excuses for stupid 480p tech.  None.  Zero.  Nada.
    It's not an excuse, it's a reality. The cameras are sourced from third-party manufacturers and there isn't one thin enough to fit into the thin display assembly of the 12 inch MacBook. If someone were to manufacture a 720P camera thin enough, then I'm sure Apple would happily upgrade the camera. Don't know what the fuss is all about, the front facing camera is hardly worth shouting about.