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  • Half of new Apple's US hires in 2018 lacked 4-year college degrees, Cook says

    I work as a designer of fire sprinkler systems for commercial buildings pays very well, four degree no, the four year schools doesn't deem it worthwhile to teach it all on the job training, all you need is Autocad, Revit, Navis, and Bluebeam ability to get in. The same is true for hvac, Plumbing, and electrical detailers (note the jobs aren't exactly the same knowledge wise but are similar in the fact that four schools can't be bothered to teach it). Many other jobs are the same. In programing if you start early jr. high school by time you get out of high school (if you get good at it) you can get work almost anywhere where there is a niche (shortage of talent). Fire Sprinkler Design is such a field.
  • Apple Music overtakes Spotify in U.S. subscriber counts

    nunzy said:
    greg uvan said:
    nunzy said:
    What would happen if Apple banned Spotify from all of its devices?

    They might lose a couple of device sales, but probably not many. Apple has the ability. But do they have the nerve?
    They'd be subject to anti competition legislation. It's something of a mystery to me that they aren't already, for the fact that the Music app comes prebundled with every iPhone. Doesn't it feel a bit like Internet Explorer being bundled with Windows and giving MS an unfair advantage over Netscape? 

    I'm an Apple Music subscriber, however, and I quite like it. But, I'm one of those weirdos who likes iTunes. I've been using iTunes since it ran on Mac OS 9. My whole history and collected music library, ratings, playlists, etc are in iTunes. It just makes sense to stay with iTunes, which now makes a music streaming service available. For me, it never made sense to even bother with Spotify because it was a complete foreign environment. 
     There's a huge difference in the two situations. Microsoft required third-party customers to install IE as a condition to buying a license for Windows.  the law that they ran afoul of was using their monopoly in the operating system market to gain unfair advantage in a separate market.

     Apple can sell whatever it wants in its own app store. Apple can also install whatever features and built-ins it wants on its products.

     Apple has no market power either in the device market or in the App Store market.

     I I don't think there's any legal reason why Apple has to sell Spotify products in its store.
    Apple doesn't have to carry Google, Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, or Spotify in their store Apple is currently letting them freeload in the their store one day that will end.
  • Apple in early phases of business alliance with Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    HP, iBM, Dell, and Amazon, all define tech mediocrity in the extreme. nothing will come of it....