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  • New US bill would ban loot boxes in games for people under 18

    Totally agree, we’ve had problems already. Some games and platforms are encouraging very addictive behaviors, using bate and switch tactics, sucking you in.

    loot boxes are bad. But also this thing that you can play for free but get an advantage if you pay money. One of the worst out there is roblox which we’ve had real issues with. 
  • Vodafone set to deploy UK 5G on July 3 using controversial Huawei gear

    What a lot of panic about nothing... first off as noted on the bbc panorama program there is exactly zero signs despite looking of any back doors special code or anything.  well to be more precise their code sometimes has stuff not clamped down just like other vendors who forget to delete normal engineering back doors that are there often for factory or maintenance reasons and like some other vendors poor code control resulting in vulnerabilities and known exploits in operating systems.

    secondly, no other government leaning on no other vendor for back doors or ways in when they need it ? naive...

    thirdly, we are at one and the same time saying the chinese are so thick they cannot innovate and have to steal and copy and at the same time so smart they can implement secret measures that our security service experts are unable to find ?

    finally, you want to be worried ? guess how many of your phones fridges cars microwaves radios computers etc etc have chinese devices in them ?

  • How to download prior versions of apps onto an older iPhone or iPad that can't run iOS 12

    Sadly some vendors CHOOSE to remove older versions of their apps. I have some one the LBC radio app which still works on a device that has it installed but which isn’t available for download anymore and so I cannot get it onto another devise I reset. 

    Another anoting app CW tv when I start it the irritating app forces me over to the App Store to update it and then the App Store says the new app doesn’t support my device. This forced update basically brakes the app willing would probably otherwise work. This is made worse by the cw web site which sees I’m on an iPad and so refuses to stream video using web insists install an app. 
  • Deputy AG Rosenstein says companies like Apple are trying to 'defeat legitimate law enforc...

    my bottom line... sadly our government has managed to leak the back doors and hacks it knows about to the worst possible people. remember the massive virus outbreak that took out the NHS in the UK thanks to code traced back to that lost by the NSA ? so frankly i dont trust our government to keep back doors safe from the russians ! and as such i am quite happy for vendors like apple to refuse to give them back doors...
  • Apple responds to investor criticism over heavy smartphone use by children, says parental ...

    Apple are missing the point, firstly they don’t support device sharing on iPad so it’s lock all or none, and these only limit what not how long...

    microsoft have much much better stuff where you can specify when and how long as well and good email chatter for you to track and overuse and covers pc and Xbox...

    actually apple have sone better stuff but they only give it to schoools !!!