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  • Apple unveils iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone 14 Pro Max with always-on display

    rumpels said:
    Here we go again with the sharp edges, and now a pill. Apple, you can do better than this! You have known for years that we all want round edges and no notch, no pill, NOTHING but screen. And you CAN build it. You did it many years ago with the MacBook Pro front camera. You can do it with the iPhone now. Stop playing with camera sensors and other crap, and making customers buy worthless devices for years before you complete what we all really want.

    Again… ROUND EDGES & TOTAL SCREEN. No holes, no pill, no notches!!!!!! When you build that iPhone, THEN I’ll upgrade my weak SE. Well be waiting. 
    Dear Mr rumpels, please note we have all decided to cancel your representative position of expressing what we want effective immediately
  • Apple wants 27% commission for Dutch apps using third-party payments

    Everyone is complaining what Apple is charging. Apple is charging what the market is willing to pay. If it was that obnoxious, developers would not participate. The thing is developers are participating by the tens of thousands so obviously Apple has priced their services right. Government does not have the right to dictate what a company's markup should be, the market already does that. And if you want to chant monopoly, how do you account for Android which anyone can develop on for free and has more phones in the marketplace than Apple? Apple is not a monopoly, they just have a better ecosystem everyone wants to be on but some don't want to pay the price to participate.
  • Sony acquires 'Destiny' game studio Bungie in $3.6 billion deal

    entropys said:

    The original MS Xbox developers must have seen the demo and went and bought Bungie, and we didn’t get  halo on the Mac.
    No, it came out first for Xbox but then was ported to PC and Mac later. I played it on my Powerbook in 2003.
    Halo was presented at MacWorld 1998 as coming out for PC and Mac at the same time. Mac users went crazy at the time as this type of cooperative gameplay had never been seen before. Mac users were also pumped to see a AAA game like this coming out for Mac at the same time as PC. Then Microsoft bought Bungie and it became an Xbox exclusive. Below is the video Bungie presented at MacWorld in 1998.

  • 2022 MacBook Air will have 'M2' chip, MagSafe, 1080p camera, says leaker

    It will likely have the notch. I believe the notch was sized the way it was so when they do add face unlock, they won't have to increase it and everyone will be used to that sized notch already. The 16" MBP is so good but I really want face unlock in addition to the fingerprint reader. Throw in an M2 Max Apple Silicon with 64 graphic cores and I'll probably be opening up my wallet.
  • WebKit code leaks Apple's next OS names as macOS 12, iOS 15

    I vote AppleOS 2021 for all devices with the year suffix. Betas would be AppleOS 2021.1, 2021.2, etc