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  • Security researcher who claimed discovery of Face ID bypass cancels Black Hat presentation...

    I Wish Wu well
  • It took Apple four days to sell initial iPhone XR supply

    The iPhone XRated
  • Apple Music rival Tidal accused of late royalty payments, inflating listener numbers

    ....purchases -- something Apple has yet to fully fix.  

    I still love Apple products, but I will be damned if I ever try Apple Music again.  And I sure hope Tidal doesn't fold. 
    You had no backups of your library?
    Prediction: if you ever get an answer to this question, it will include some phrase akin to "that isn't the point."
    As for my music files, I did have it backed up. ***But that isn't the point*** -- the files are fine, it's everything else ...
    Eightzero FTW!
  • Plex launches Winamp-inspired Plexamp music player for macOS through Plex Labs incubator really whips the llama's ass
  • Apple pulls app for finding lost AirPods from App Store

    tshapi said:
    There is a simple explanation why this app was yanked. This company doesn't have the rights to sell this app. They haven't veen granted permission to associate themselves with the product.  In some ways it can be seen as copyright infringement

    Yes, I think having "AirPods" in the name is a concern, but I don't like the fact that Apple first allowed the app, and then changed course. That looks bad on them.
    There's 4 reasons in my mind why they would pull this app:
    1. Potential revenue loss of replacement AirPods (not likely)
    2. The app promotes the perception that AirPods are easily lost (likely)
    3. Copyright infringement on using the AirPods name and/or images in the app (possible but not stated)
    4. Apple has an app in development but it's not ready (somewhat likely)

    Whatever the reason, the developer deserves a valid explanation otherwise it would be a black mark on Apple's relationship with the development community. My personal opinion is they don't want the public perception that AirPods are easily lost and they are not saying that's the reason because it would sound so utterly lame. My second choice is they have an app in development which would be another black mark with the development community. If this is the case, the development community should be concerned because all your hard work on developing an app could simply be rejected because you beat Apple to the punch. A darker thought is they think your app is so great during the review process that they want to develop their own so they reject it on that basis.