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  • Apple's iPad is still showing the world how to do tablets, 14 years later

    I still struggle with my iPadPro. I find that it is not capable enough to be taken on even short work trips, and not small enough for mundane tasks like scrolling Insta, reading recipes etc. I use it almost exclusively for note taking and annotations in PDFs using the Apple Pencil. I feel there is much more that can be done by integrating the Pencil more intuitively, for example drawing Keynote presentations. To me, the Pencil is the main differentiator but it's not taken to its full advantage.

    What would be "magic" is if I could drag a doc in a macOS file onto an iPad screen and it would "magically" appear in the PadOS app to allow me to do annotations, insert pictures taken with the camera, etc, and then allow me to drag back onto the Mac.
  • Spotify upset over 9 day App Review, cries antitrust to EC

    So Spotify is working every angle to maximise returns to their investors, provide more competition, and push updates to their customers as quickly as possible; and most people in this forum side with the $3 Tn company that works every angle so that none of this happens? 
  • Apple kickstarted 5G and now 2 billion smartphones have it

    I’ve adopted two 5g iPhones, but not sure I’ve ever been on a 5g network even in rare trip to big city. 
    I live in England, one of the most backwards countries in Europe, and here we have 5G everywhere. It is as fast as my home broadband at around 250 Mbps (not now, because it's raining). I think I do notice when I am in a 4G environment (I don't know what LTE is), but it could be my imagination; but 5G makes working over the iPhone hotspot really flawless so I don't have to use public WiFi, and when my broadband is down, which it happens often because I use Virgin, I can also watch a 4K movie over the hotspot. I think there are benefits.
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  • Masimo CEO: Apple users are better off without Apple Watch pulse oximetry

  • Apple TV+ falls flat at Critics Choice Awards

    sflagel said:
    To be fair, none of the Apple TV shows is a must-see. They play it too safe, no comparison to HBO, BBC, or even Amazon. Even the Morning Show started strong and has turned into a soap opera. 
    Amazon? Yeah no, they’re the worst of the streaming networks. If it weren’t forced as a bundle on my Prime I sure as heck wouldn’t pay for it. 

    “A” shows for me on Apple TV:


    For All Mankind

    Slow Horses

    Ted Lasso

    Losing Alice

    Mythic Quest

    I don't agree with these. But due to Slow Horses, Severance, and Silo, I retract my post. (I wish I could delete, but I cannot).