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  • Apple TV+ frustrates producers as team is 'stretched thin'

    Apple TV+ content is really good, some shows I do not like, but none are bad shows. 
    But I hope that the general population knows that rightfully, Netflix should have won the first Best Picture Oscar, not only because Roma is infinitely better than The Green Book, but also better than Coda (nothing against Coda, but Roma is a true masterpiece). They were probably just too early - the Academy wasn't ready. Well, looking at their current portfolio, no risk of them winning anything anytime soon.....
  • Apple TV+ 'The Morning Show' renewed for a third season

    tommikele said:
    If you like non-stop, way over the top, over-acted anger, with dialogue consisting of every sentence containing F•••, F•••, F•••, you'll love The Morning Show. I hope the new showrunner can get a handle on these drama kings and queens (actors, writers, directors, and producers), then this could actually turn out to be an award-winning show. And yes, I've watched every episode, more to laugh at it than admire it, but I can see redemption if others feel the same. Who am I kidding, America loves this crap!
    I think you live in a bubble shut off from real life. "f***" is just a word and a good one that clearly communicates the verbal moment and underlying emotion. Why are so many people so afraid of it? F•••, F•••, F•••'em all if they are somehow offended. Turn the dial.

    The word is barely used in a professional environment. Or even in normal conversation. It’s just forced in this show. And I live in England! 
  • Five key features missing from Apple's new iPad mini

    Not many may agree with me, but the only reason I am not upgrading my iPad Pro from like 4 or 5 years ago is that it charges wirelessly on the Logitech Logi Base. It just sits in my living room without any weird cable sticking out from its side when charging, no lose cable on the floor or a table when it is not charging. I just pick it up when I sit down on the couch, or move over to the dining table, and put it back when I leave. The convenience is so big that I cannot understand why they removed wireless charging and have not added it back. Arguably, wireless charging for an iPad is a bigger convenience gain than on an iPhone, because the iPad is less portable than an iPhone but not as stationary as a desk top or even a laptop.
  • Conde Nast still waiting for Apple News+ success

    In case they are reading this: the only reason that I stopped reading Conde Nast electronic editions, including the one on Apple, is that the electronic version is dismal, just a PDF of the print edition. Unreadable even on iPads, even worse oniPad Mini or iPhone. And to think it was so good only one year ago but then they discontinued the dedicated electronic edition.
  • Apple's AirPods versus AirPods Pro - which is the best for your money?

    BxBorn said:
    How do they compare to the Beats though?
    Beats are only really better if your use case involves working out - if you're not taking them to the gym or running then the AirPod Pros are your better bet...that is until they bring noise canceling to the Beats Pro (if they ever)
    That and an off switch. Powerbeats Pro don’t have an off switch so unless you put them back in their very bulky case after using them, they stay connected to your iPhone forever. The lack of noise cancelling and an off switch make them unusable for commuting on the tube or subway. Sadly. 
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