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  • Apple hourly workers feel helpless under punishing pressure & mistreatment

    As someone who currently works at an apple store, I can confirm that it’s pretty much a sh!t show each shift I work, and I’ve been with apple over 10 years. And it’s not just coming from Apple. Customers are aggressive and rude. So to get it from both sides, it’s demoralizing. 
  • Sketchy rumor claims Samsung courting former Apple engineers for custom chip project

    Samsung thinks that the processor is the secret. It's not. The secret sauce is the integration between software, hardware, and the processor. You can poach Apple's entire Silicon team and even built a processor better than the M1 but if you don't have software that takes advantage of it then what you have a useless piece of silicon. 
  • 'Secret' Apple retail policy reportedly rewarded polite customers with free fixes, replace...

    weev7 said:
    I worked for Apple retail for nearly 10 years, and this TikTok is an oversimplification of a policy that was tried YEARS ago, back in the iPhone 3GS-4S times. We were allowed to swap a liquid damage phone once for a customer, and it was up to the technician to make that determination. Back then when I did have the power to make that decision, of course I wasn’t going to make that exception for someone who was rude to me or my coworkers. But Apple recognized that not all customers were receiving the same level of service, so they ended the practice around 2010. Since then, there has been no official policy of “surprise and delight” for kind customers as opposed to rude customers. 

    These days, those exceptions are EXTREMELY rare if they are even made at all. A few years ago, I even begged my managers to make an exception for a teacher whose Mac was liquid damaged by an autistic student and I was told “No.” The term “surprise and delight” was only used for items like duckheads or EarPods that we could just give customers for free, but that went away as well before I left the company. 

    I feel this is an important distinction to make because readers might think an Apple Genius has the power to fix a liquid damaged device for free when that is absolutely not the case. I would not want readers to assume the Genius is saying no because the Genius just considers them to be rude when they just cannot make an exception at all. 
    Exactly this. I have also worked at apple retail for over 10 years and there was never a blanket policy like this, certainly not because people are nice or rude. 

    Also, the concierge role at Apple Stores haven't been a thing for a long, long time.
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  • What are all the complications on the leaked Apple Watch 'Series 4' face?

    Just to nitpick a little bit with the original article...

    The timer is obviously set for 20 minutes, considering there’s about 3/4 left on the progress bar at 14:59. 

    I also think the music complication is showing the playing track’s progress, not the volume. To me this makes more sense. When looking at the music complication with a progress bar, I’m expecting that to be the duration of the song, not the volume. 

    Otherwise, excellent analysis. I can’t wait!
  • Retail head Angela Ahrendts promises Apple won't upsell shoppers on $999 iPhone X

    Soli said:
    I have never been upsold anything in an Apple Store. I know what I want, I go in, they get it for me. End of story. When I worked there years ago I was trained only to assist people getting what they need or want, and to answer all questions. Was never told to suggest a higher priced option for its own sake, only to fulfill a stated need of requirement. Apple Store shopping is the antithesis of High pressure sales. 
    Neither have I, but I also walk in knowing exactly what I want. Your inside knowledge as a store rep is more telling, but I wonder if that was before Ahrendts started or if things have changed. Her saying anything makes me wonder if supplies are so constrained (and/or profit per unit and/or profit margins) that they won't even be advertising it demo models this calendar year.
    I can tell you things haven’t changed under Ahrendts and in many ways, the shopping experience has improved under her leadership. 

    I think this this interview is just mean to reassure people that it will be business as usual during this uncharacteristic iPhone cycle.