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  • Apple says hardware leaks harm consumers

    The "Apple lawyers" alluded to in this story are actually lawyers from China who are subcontracted by Apple (which this story didn't report.) I presume these lawyers are trying to help Apple by using local laws to punish the leakers (who appear to be unaffiliated with Apple or its subcontractors.) However these lawyers do not appear to be holding to American standards of law or human rights. I guess they don't have to, since they live in a dictatorship, not in the US. But Apple in the USA should have told them that they need to respect all human rights as defined both in local law and also in the US constitution.

    Personally, if I was Tim Cook, I would fire those lawyers (that is, if they were previously instructed to respect US laws.) However Cook seems very friendly to that dictatorship and I can't see him doing that.

  • Apple ad spot highlights Ping iPhone capabilities of Apple Watch

    I don't need this feature as my Apple Watch has its own phone built in.
  • GE rebrands smart home business as CYNC, HomeKit support coming soon

    Expensive camera.  Money sucking monthly subscription to get remote access.  Competition has cameras that don’t require the subscription. 

    I don’t think this camera will be very successful. 
    The camera's data is sent to the cloud, and possibly stored unencrypted on servers in China. Which the CCP government has access to. And GE thinks we don't care to know what is happening with our data.
  • Philips Hue to introduce new bulbs in September

    Every day I use over a dozen Hue bulbs in my home, and perhaps the frequencies they use are too crowded from my neighbours' own devices, (so your results may be better) but during the course of the day there are always random bulbs with "No Response." As I write this I have three Hue bulbs saying "No response." I've switched zigbee frequencies, with different results, but never get very good results. I'm done with Hue (I think the real problem is zigbee) due to many daily failures to work properly. I'll wait for bulbs that use Thread.

    By the way, despite what the manufacturer claims, the bulbs are all dimmer than incandescent bulbs, and it takes extra bulbs to get the same amount of light. So unless you have the vision of an owl, get the brightest bulbs you can get, since they are all supposed to be energy efficient anyway. And don't bother with colour bulbs, which cost way too much extra and are rarely useful.

  • Isaac Asimov's 'Foundation' to premiere on Apple TV+ September 24

    I once wrote a letter to Asimov and I got a typewritten and signed postcard back from him. I asked him why he wrote science fiction if, as he wrote in one of his science books, "I live to learn." He answered me, in short, by saying that "you can learn from anything and everything."