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  • Epic Games expert says iOS could be like macOS without security drawbacks

    ...my view is Apple is in some ways restricting trade by disallowing the existence of other app stores. And the restriction of trade is why I believe it’s just a matter a time before the hammer drops, whether in the USA, or Europe or elsewhere. 
    There are scores of dictatorships in the world and I'm sure that one of them will bring down the hammer soon enough. And I'm looking forward to that because when some country, like Russia, demands something totally unreasonable, Apple will just shut down the App Store in that entire country. There will be no third party apps any more in that country until the hammer is lifted. Otherwise, if Russia requires an Epic App Store on iOS, and Apple permits it, then people in America will find a way to access the Russian Epic App Store, using VPNs. If Apple caves and allows app stores run by other companies, I will tell my friends to not bother buying Apple anymore because I won't support them. I'll switch to Android since it's cheaper.
  • Zoom seemingly granted access to private iPad camera API

    Although Apple claims to treat every developer the same, some evidence to the contrary has surfaced during the Epic Games v. Apple trial. For example, Apple reportedly has a set of whitelisted developers -- which includes Hulu -- that are able to gain special subscription-based features.
    Yes, the idea of pilot testing new features does seem to slightly contradict the idea of treating all developers equally, but on a scale of 1 to 100 of evilness this contradiction is only a 3. Apple should clarify what it means and all should be well.
  • Apple has third of gaming market's transactions in total, 7% of 'Fortnite' revenue

    In 2012 Tencent invested $330 million and got 40% of Epic, while in 2020 Sony invested $250 million and got 1.4%. Interesting.
  • Mobile ECG specialist AliveCor seeks US Apple Watch ban

    The ITC has a role in resolving legal issues regarding trade and importation. It isn't a court, and doesn't use a jury, but its findings can be reviewed by a court.


    I think AliveCor is considering the Apple Watch to be an imported product, therefore it may fall under the ITC's jurisdiction. I've always thought of Apple products as American products, but maybe I'm wrong on that. Maybe all of Apple's products are "foreign products" and are therefore subject to ITC jurisdiction.

  • Apple restricts offensive AirTag engravings, including emoji combinations

    AirTag is big enough to accommodate up to three emoji or four text characters, 

    Four-letter expletives, derogatory terms and other questionable text are similarly blocked.
    I had no trouble getting four emojis. Emojis come in different widths and you must have been trying the wide ones. Try the narrower ones, like the first four. You can always fit the first four, apparently because they are narrower than most of the others.

    If you try a single emoji with four narrow letters like "iiii" it rejects that even though it's more than narrow enough to fit. So there is a hard limit of four characters even if they fit.

    I also had no trouble fitting my 7-digit telephone number (without area code) using three double digit emojis and a single digit emoji. Some phone numbers may not be choosable because there are no two digit numbers above 50, but a little creativity with single digit emojis can sometimes fix that. That would take too long to explain here. But if we all agree that a black emoji number represents the same number "+50" then any 8 digit number can be displayed. That gives 100,000,000 possible numeric values. Let's all agree on that (ie, that black digit pairs represent the number 50 above its apparent value.)

    If you are able to put your 7 digit phone number on it, and someone finds your lost AirTag, and they realize that that's your phone number on there, then you won't even have to put your device into "Lost Mode" and they will still be able to contact you. As long as you lost your device in the same area code as they found it.