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  • Apple announces thinner MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, Touch ID, USB-C ports starting at $179...

    redefiler said:

    So instead of being able to touch type and keep looking at the screen or looking at the screen and touching what I want, I now have to keep looking down at the thin touch strip on the keyboard to work? That seems very inefficient

    Pretty sure the screen and the top of the keyboard area on a laptop are well within the field of vision for everyone who doesn't have eyes on the sides of their head.  You'll even be fine with those 5" thick bifocals.

    Maybe, but without any tactile feedback or set positioning of the icons I can see this being difficult to work with.  I use a work laptop every day and you still have look down at the top of the keyboard to s that area. Have to wait and see. 

    There's a difference between having to move your head and moving your eyes. Do you know people normally move their eyes when looking at the different parts of their screen? This is nothing more than if the screen was slightly extended down by couple of inches. Believe me, it will feel natural.
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  • Apple's wireless AirPods hit delays, won't meet October launch window

    "We don't believe in shipping a product before it's ready.....". Haha, nice dig at Samsung.
  • New Galaxy Note 7 fire raises worries Samsung didn't fix battery problems

    sog35 said:
    Why isnt the Verge, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Forbes, CNET, ect picking up this story?

    So friken obvious these a-holes are trying their best to keep this quiet.

    Crazy that Samsung just excused the past half dozen Note7 fires in China as having nothing to do with the Note7. Right......
    If you've been following the Verge lately, they have become very anti-Apple(and pro-samsung) lately.  Especially that Vlad guy.  He's basically a shill for Samsung.
  • Samsung issues global recall of Galaxy Note 7, replacement program announced

    What would Apple do? 

    Deny, deny, dey. State that it only affect 0.000001% of products. 

    "Your charging it wrong". 

    A recall on your flagship? An unthinkable prospect from Apple. That's a fact. 
    Completely wrong.  iPhones never had a flaw that could seriously injure/kill people.  This is like a car recall.  Samsung had no choice.  If this was an issue with battery dying too quickly or something, samsung would've never done the recall or even admitted to the problem.