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  • Bluetooth filing hints at new MacBook Air coming soon

    The cynic in me is skeptical since we've had rumors of a 15 inch Air for at least a year with nothing to show. That said, I've been holding off upgrading my wife's 10 year old 15" MBP as an Air would be a downgrade in screen size. If the price is right, a 15" Air could be a hot seller for the crowd that doesn't need the specs (and price) of the new MBP's but still need a larger screen.
  • New Apple ads show off iPhone 14 Action Mode and iOS 16 Undo Send in Messages

    The Action Mode video had me in tears
    I got a good chuckle from both of them  :D
  • Apple's 2023 CarPlay is an Apple Car preview - and is scaring Detroit

    No automaker is going to give apple that much control over their vehicle.
    That's up to the free market to decide. Toyota was one of the last stubborn holdouts for adopting CarPlay/Android Auto, trying to push their Entune system instead.

    They finally caved when enough customers never considered buying a Toyota for the last 5 years with no CarPlay/Android Auto option available. Myself included.

    An automaker can desire to control whatever they want, but if their competition is stealing away customers by giving them what they want, they'll eventually cave.
  • iPhone 14 Pro could get the Apple Watch's always-on display feature

    JFC_PA said: The 1 Hz is necessary for Always on. 
    Is it, really? That's the part I take objection to. I'm not convinced.

    Again...this isn't some bleeding edge, experimental technology we're talking about. Android phones, both flagship and budget versions have had this feature for years. None of them go down to 1 Hz and yet they still work fine with MAYBE a few percentage of battery affected. Flagship Android phones that do have a variable refresh rate (though not 1 Hz) are even less affected battery-wise. 

    With that in mind, it has been VERY well established for years that 1 Hz is not a requirement for always on display. Again, we have existing precedent. So tell me why 1 Hz is necessary for iPhones to support always on display where 10 Hz simply isn't capable. It makes zero sense, outside of the usual forced upgrade tax.
  • iPhone 14 Pro could get the Apple Watch's always-on display feature

    Can someone provide a technical reason why previous iPhones won't be able to use this feature? You're telling me that the Promotion displays on the 13 Pros can't handle a feature that has existed on budget Android phones for years with minimal battery hit? I'm having a hard time believing that.