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  • USB-C on iPhone is good - but not as an excuse for a bad law

    Madbum said:
    The EU is a Un -elected group of bureaucrats

    but they act like communists  
    What are you talking about? Members of the European Parliament are elected. 

    In just what way are they acting like communists? Unless you mean the dictatorships in Eastern Europe that claimed to be communist. 
  • Apple spotlights role of iPad Pro in Pompeii archaeology

    Paul_B said:
    I lost loved ones and it's hard and honestly way more difficult than you think - but you got to let go - pompeii happened thousand of years ago, I feel bad for the people who survived the Volcano - must have been tough - I'm not trying to sound insensitive, but just let it go - It was done thousands of years ago - stop messing with peoples graves, thats actually blasphemous  - and taking their rightfully owned treasures, they were probably in Egypt building the pyramids and sending cash home which take months.
    Assuming you’re serious, and not making light of what you write if you are, these archeologists are not decimating graves. As the article states, “Emmerson is on a five-week dig, named Tulane University Pompeii I.14 Project, which is concentrating on a commercial building believed to date to the second or third century BC.”   This is all about learning more about ancient people and their culture, therefore respecting it, not destroying it. 

  • YouTubers test durability of Apple Watch Ultra in different ways

    Personally I find it interesting to see just how much of a beating the Ultra Watch will take, not that I plan to buy one. But I would have preferred something in between a short drop and wailing on it with a hammer. He’s free to do what he wants with his property and everyone else is free to watch the video or not. 
    (Plus, I liked the comment, “Not on my watch.”)
  • 'Made by Google' joins fall tech event fray on October 6

    blastdoor said:
    All the google and Microsoft ‘apple wannabe’ products seem like such hollow efforts, but maybe especially google. I wouldn’t be surprised if it all goes the way of Zune.
    I don’t know. There will always be a market for those who prefer cheaper products instead of quality and features.
  • Apple Watch Series 8 review: Another year, another Apple Watch

    Very informative. Thank you.
    I’m more sure than ever that I want to upgrade from my 4.

    Interesting thought about how the temperature sensor may be very limited in function now, but future software upgrades could give it more uses. We can hope!