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  • Apple releases update for watchOS 7.3.1

    bluefire1 said:
    tomstraus said:
    So far, my Apple Watch 6 is not seeing the update. 
    Apparently, the update is for Apple Watch Series 5 and SE models only.
    That’s what an article on 9to5 Mac says. 
  • After mocking Apple, Xiaomi also omits charger from upcoming Mi 11 flagship

    lkrupp said:
    Looking in my tech junk drawer I’m staring at 5 5W chargers, 1 18W charger, 1 12W charger, at least a dozen USB-A to Lightning cables, a couple of USB-c to Lightning cables and assorted USB-Mini and USB-Micro cables for various gadgets I own. So NO, I don’t need a charger included with my iPhone.
    Exactly. And regulations coming in the EU will hit the 'e-junk' issues. Apple is simply looking forward, not backwards.
    I’m happy for you both, but many of us don’t own devices that use the 18W charger. I agree with those who say that while not including the charger is a good idea, they should have waited until it was the second or third year that uses this type of charger. 
    williamlondonavon b7firelock
  • COVID outbreak on 'Mythic Quest' set strains ties between crew and producers

    razorpit said:
    It’s the flu. Grow up. Unless you’re over 80 or have on average 3 comorbidities you have a 99.997% chance of surviving. The gunshot victims bring that average down slightly.
    Other than the often very painful period of being sick and many cases of permanent health problems, the mortality rate from COVID-19 
    is much higher than from the flu:
    Mortality rate from influenza: .0034% (in the U.S.)
    Mortality rate from COVID-19: 1.8 (in the U.S.)
    Other countries have as high as a 9.1% mortality rate from COVID.
    According to the CDC and Johns Hopkins University.

    If you don't mind getting COVID, that's great.  I don't want to or subject others to it. 
  • UrgoNight review: retrain your brain to help you sleep better

    Retrain my brain? Without the guidance of a qualified professional?  Uh, no thanks. 
  • Protect Scotland contact tracing app taps Apple-Google Exposure Notification system

    michelb76 said:
    JWSC said:
    All noble efforts that will come to nothing. Too many will not use these contact tracing apps, due to either lack of awareness or willful non-use.
    Apps like these have been successful in other countries, even with relatively low adoption.
    Can you give some examples of countries and adoption rates?