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  • Pennsylvania gears up to launch COVID app based on Apple-Google framework

    Correction: it’s not “ The app will notify people who have potentially been exposed to the coronavirus . . .”
    but rather: 
    The app will notify people who have potentially been exposed to people who are using the app and have been confirmed to have the coronavirus and have updated their information on the app to show this.

    There’s a big difference. 
  • Apple offers past Apple News+ subscribers another free month

    Please, Apple, stick to what you do well: hardware and software. Leave news and movies to the experts. If you want more revenue, make devices that make us want to buy them, like in the old days. 
  • Apple hit with another lawsuit claiming iTunes music piracy

    “The plaintiffs in the lawsuit together wrote hundreds of popular songs and jazz standards, including "Over the Rainbow" by Harold Arlen, "I Only Have Eyes for You" by Harry Warren, and "It All Depends on You" by Ray Henderson.“

    These composers do deserve a lot of credit, and maybe even compensation, if they can be plaintiffs in a lawsuit when they’ve been dead for 30 or 40 years!

  • AirPods and AirPods Pro updated with new firmware

    emoeller said:
    fred1 said:
    I've had mine charging and near my iPhone connected to WiFi for two hours and still no update to the firmware.  Any suggestions?f 

    How to Force an AirPods Firmware Update

    If you find that a new version of the AirPods firmware is available, but not yet installed, you can try forcing your AirPods to update.

    To do so, put your AirPods into their Charging Case, start charging the case, and place it near your iPhone. Next, open the cover and then dismiss the on-screen battery display.

    Thanks.  I did what you said, waited another 45 minutes, and . .  . success.  Not sure what I gained, but at least I'm up to date.
  • AirPods Pro versus Jabra Elite 75t -- Which is the best wireless earbud?

    Yet another comparison of the AirPods Pro with . . . something else that claims that they’re comparable. But the something else doesn’t have active noise cancellation!  Then the two units are not the same and shouldn’t be compared, at least in my mind. ANC is the main reason I got the AirPods Pro and is their most important feature, among many other great ones. Another great feature of the APsP is the way the music or movie pauses when you take one out of your ear. Why isn’t this mentioned?