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  • All-new OLED 'iPhone 8,' glass-backed 4.7" model expected to drive Apple sales to 'unprecedented' h

    New industrial desging + wireless (inductive?) charge could indeed push demand for 2017 iPhone.
    An OLED screen is something 'regular' non-tech people would care much less than the physical appearance of the phone (unless it's curved like in the Galaxy Edge series).
    If this is true, Apple would then have 4 sizes of phones, although the 5.5" and this possible new 5.2" model would be too similar in size, even though it's rumored to have a reduced bezels and possibly no home button at all.
    Speaking of which: it will be interesting to see how Apple manage to keep battery life while reducing the chin and forehead of the phone and even adding up new hardware features (maybe?) in this new high-end mythical model.
  • Too soon? Apple's new iPhone 7 ruffles feathers with Lightning audio, Home button changes

    It's clear that the iPhone 7/Plus is a transitional line, that will get the backlash of:

    - The lack of a standard headphone jack.
    - The annoyance of not being able to be charged while wired headphones are plugged in.
    - A new 'weird' non moving home button that vibrates instead of just clicking.
    Next year the absence of the 3.5 mm jack won't be important anymore. And, supposedly, a click-less home button won't even be there, replaced by taptic feedback and (maybe) a visual cue on screen for where to press to return to the home screen.
    Apple is simply laying the grond for their future technologies by slowly breaking up with the things that hold back those advances. And that will always raise some concerns, as we humans usually resist change, because we like the safety of what we know.
    3 to 5 years from now it will seem almost riddiculous to use wired headphones. Haptic feedback will be so usual that clicky buttons will seem almost unnecessary. Add in true wireless charging and the iPhone will be a sealed slab of whatever material Jony Ive dreams of, without the need of ports and moving parts and completely water proof.
    I think these next 3-5 years will be very interesting in that regard, because screen resolution, high speed processors and simple internal specs are not that important anymore: every high end phone is 'good enough'.
    It will be the user experience what will make future devices more or less appealing. And Apple has a huge advantage in that area.
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  • Latest alleged 'iPhone 7 Plus' packaging pic suggests option of bundled wireless 'AirPods'...

    Wouldn't surprise me if the Plus had the better camera plus better headphones. Sucks though that those who prefer the smaller size are stuck with an inferior phone. 
    Yesterday's "leak" showed a purported iPhone 7 Plus insert card with included Lightning EarPods and adapter. So (if true), it seems that AirPods will be optional and not bundled with the 7 Plus by default.
  • Purported 'iPhone 7 Plus' packaging shows Lightning to Headphone Jack Adapter in box, 256GB storage

    I'm OK with the audio jack removal as a departure from old tech and so. However, using EarPods while charging seems like it'll be not possible at all. That's an important compromise in my use case: charging my phone while I listen to music/podcasts at the office. I really doubt the bundled adapter will allow simultaneous charge and using the headphones, so I guess I'll have to wait for the phone to charge before I can listen to music at work. It's a rather small annoyance, but we use to resist change until we're 'forced' to. I guess this shake in use habits will be worth it, with improvements such as better water resistance and sound quality (though I doubt the latter will be quite noticeable with Apple's earbuds).
  • Apple linked to 'AirPods,' unannounced iPhone & Apple Watch models in Eurasian regulatory filing

    If Apple included such bluetooth AirPods in the iPhone box that would really make people less annoyed with the removal of the headphone jack. It would also make it more alluring to upgrade for people still on the fence (because, you know, 'boring'). Sadly, I don't see that coming, though. I think Apple will only bundle a pair of Lightning EarPods and maybe a 3.5 mm jack adapter. I would be really pleased if they decided to surprise us with a pair of wireless earbuds bundled (oh, well. One can dream!)