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  • Microsoft will pay $1.2M to settle class-action suit over misprinted retail store receipts...

    Look at that crowd in the store! For real? Really? What planet is this?
    Photoshop maybe? Parallel universe? Because I have never seen more than 2 or 3 people in any of their stores. (Atl, Tampa, Miami) and I have been around those several times. Microsoft shops are sad. 
  • AirPods vs. Powerbeats3: Which Apple W1 headphones are better for working out and exercisi...

    pjwilkin said:
    I have both
    I got the PowerBeats 3 first, but the position of the microphone and controls makes them useless for having a conversation through

    The AirPods are by far superior if you are making phone calls.
    I got both as well but I use the pb3 all day every day and rarely use the AirPods. I like them both, but I use the pb3 more because of the battery life. I haven't had any issues with connection, the range is actually insane. I find it interesting that you have issues with the Mic in the pb3. I take phone calls all the time and haven't had any problems. The only thing I have notice is that when I take a call, at the beginning of the call the sound quality drops and it takes a few seconds to get back to normal. Only happens with phone calls. Listening to music I have no issues at all. 
  • Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway nearly quadruples stake in Apple

    nathant99 said:
    This article is misleading (like many others around the web):  

    Warrant Buffett didn't personally buy Apple shares.  One of his investment lieutenants did.

    That is true. But I think that without his consent the purchased  wouldn't have happened and regardless warrant Buffett will get all of the credit
  • Google's Android Wear 2.0 plays catch-up with Apple's watchOS 3, offers some unique touche...

    amarkap said:
    Let me just put in my (possibly worthless) two cents, I think where Apple nailed it is with the bands.  I know with all the other technologies these things offer, putting emphasis on the band is pretty silly right?  Well, not in my opinion.  The thing that makes Apple Watches so appealing outside of their technology is they just look darn awesome with their bands.  There are so many to choose from and Apple does a great thing by showing you a Watch face and colors and complement that band perfectly.  These Android Wear 2.0 watch while cool...I think don't have very appealing bands.  I suppose it is all subjective, but like I said just my two cents.  I'm glad Apple put as much thought into their bands as the watch itself.

    By the way, I was an early adopter and got my Apple Watch only a few weeks after it was initially released.  Back then, hardly anyone had one on.  This year, I see them on so many people.  Each one with a different type of happy to Apple for gaining market share.

    One thing that does concern me is that Apple has made such a great product that people won't want to upgrade often.  I mean I have no reason to buy another.  My 1st generation works just fine for me.  I am only concerned because again people will say YoY decline in Apple Watch sales because no one will want to upgrade like me.  This is what happened with their iPad.  It is not that the iPad is bad product it is just it is such a good product that hardly anyone needs to buy the latest and greatest.
    Your are right about the bands. As much as the Watch is functional it is also fashionable. I got  gen on day 1 and I wore it until I broke it. I got gen 2 on day one as well and I only take it off to go to sleep. What I will do when gen 3 comes out, is that I will give my gen 2 to my brother and get the gen 3 for my self. (That's if I don't brake this one too) Maybe you can do the same. Buy the new one for your self and give the old one to a love one. That way we can keep the cycle going. :) I  am sure that the upgrade cycle is something that also worries Apple, so I am sure that they will come up with some clever way to get people to upgrade. 
  • Apple Pay now accepted by 36% of US merchants, is most common mobile payment platform

    eightzero said:
    My favorite thing is going into a store and paying with my samsung gear S3, and having the cashier go "oh we dont do the apple pay thing" and then it goes BEEEP, and a receipt spits out and they are like huh??? Samsung pays works EVERYWHERE, so amazing to not have to carry a wallet ever or worry about whether a place accepts samsung pay or not. I am sure apple will get there eventually, in a few years......
    I'm curious: are you saying that there are contactless NFC terminals that will take Samsung pays, but not Apple Pay? I too have had the experience where the clerk doesn't know what they take or how it works, yet I complete the transaction from my Apple Watch and Apple Pay.

    schlack said:
    ... my credit card (Chase) is not accepted by Apple Pay.
    Chase supports Apple Pay:

    Samsung bought that company that came up with the technology that allow phones to be use as swipe cards. You just have to place the phone next to where you would swipe and the cc machine thinks you swipe your card. I hear is not as save as Pay but is cool. Me I'm sticking with Pay