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  • Apple Pay now accepted by 36% of US merchants, is most common mobile payment platform

    lkrupp said:
    mike1 said:
    I don't think I've seen a merchant accept Apple Pay in-store, without showing they also accept Android Pay. Seems like once they make the leap to mobile payments, they do both.
    So apparently your anecdotal rebuttal is wrong. Apple Pay dominates the various other NFC payment choices. 
    It sounded more like an observation from him, not a rebuttal. I have also notice the same, most of the places I have seen that accept Apple Pay also accept Android pay. I have seen more people use Apple Pay, well actually I haven seen anyone use Android Pay yet.  I also have notice that where they accept both, Apple Pay is advertise more than the Android Pay option. So I am assuming merchants are implementing both at the same time to save on cost.
  • Analysts raise Apple targets, see shares going as high as $156 after best-quarter ever

    Meanwhile, the idiots at the Wall Street Journal:

    Cheaper Rivals Eat Away at Apple Sales in China 

    Upstarts like Oppo challenge the tech giant in the world’s largest smartphone market

    I was just looking at that. Always trying to crash Apples party. Imbeciles is what they are. They still don't understand that these companies make little to no profit. They most be so butt hurt at the wsj right now.
  • Apple, ad agency sued over voice sample used in iPhone 6 TV commercial

    Funny how I hear most artist love having their song in an apple commercial because it increases record sales and gets them attention, but this guy was harm by an Apple commercial? I'll have to call BS on that. It also seems to me, that is very unlikely for a company that makes commercials for a company as big as Apple to make such an amateur mistake. 
  • Is Apple getting Siri-ous in the face of Amazon's Alexa Echo?

    justme12 said:
    Apple should be embarrassed by how bad Siri works. Actually doesn't work. I love saying Hey Siri what time is it in the middle of the night and Siri replying if I want to see Time magazine cover or anything else abut time magazine.

    Do whatever you want manually the first time, you're going to have to do that way anyway. I gave up doing things twice trying Siri
    Interesting! English is my second lenguage and I use Siri in English, I have an accent and siri understands me pretty well. It use to be harder the first few years but now Siri understand me about 90% of the time as long as there is not much noice.
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  • Absent an Apple Siri alternative, Alexa hardware family tops Amazon holiday sales charts

    AI bring the dislike button back. Seriously stop this PC BS