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  • Compared: New Apple Watch SE vs. Apple Watch SE 2020

    Realistically this is by far the best watch and the best value for most people; really quite generous by Apple standards.

    The only annoyance for me is the USB-C cable.  It has no practical advantage for this model (no fast charging) and just means a lot of people like me will have to find a new charger to plug it into.
  • Apple Watch Ultra debuts as a giant & rugged titanium model

     After furious rumors and leaks for the last week, Apple has launched the new Apple Watch Pro”

    No they didn’t 
  • Original sealed in plastic iPhone commands $35K at auction

    I get the motherboard, it’s a real and genuinely rare piece of history you can actually look at that and possibly even use.

    Paying a premium for a sealed box makes no sense to me at all.  Until you open it, it’s just a cardboard box which might not even contain anything.  After you open it, you’ve lost almost all the value, and you’re just left holding one of the millions of other old iPhones there are out there… the worst version of it at that.
  • Apple adds new 'Leaving Soon' section to Apple Arcade, starting with 15 titles

    DAalseth said:
    There are some nice games there. I’ve tried it several times. I just haven’t seen anything worth subscribing to though and have dropped the service each time. 
    Each their own. We have it as part of a bundle. Low cost, no in app purchases and no ads. Makes it nice. For us, it is quite a few good games. 
    Exactly how it works for us and many others I’m sure.  As a stand-alone subscription I’m not sure anything like this ever makes sense (and if you’re that devoted to gaming to disagree you probably subscribe to some other service already anyway) but as part of Apple One it makes a nice addition, no complaints here at all.
  • Apple Watch Series 8's S8 chip may not be a big upgrade from S7

    auxio said:
    Correct me if my memory is wrong, but wasn’t the S7 a negligible update over the S6? And wasn’t the S5 almost the same as the S4? Apple hasn’t exactly made all that much progress with the S-series System-in-Packages for the Apple Watch in quite a while. Not faulting them, as I am almost totally ignorant of this stuff, but … yeah, it’s not a big surprise that the S8 isn’t going to be much of an improvement, but it also is a little disappointing.
    The Apple Watch is far more about the sensors than the specs of the processor or memory.  The S6 (model I own) gained a single-lead ECG and a blood oxygen sensor.  The S7 wasn't much of an upgrade at all though.
    Actually the S4 (that I have) introduced the ECG function.  Progress is slow with the Apple Watch, it doesn’t make big jumps each year, but I think that’s ok.  For new buyers it’s easily the best out there, and most existing customers don’t expect or want to think about replacing a watch that often.  My S4 still performs well and does all that I want of it, I’ll wear it till it breaks or the battery dies, and by then the S12 or whatever I end up upgrading to will be a revolution I'm sure.