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  • Right to Repair advocates aren't sold on Apple's Self Service Repair program

    When the cost of parts Apple are selling for “self repair” are greater than the cost of getting Apple to do the repair for you, then something is obviously wrong.  I’m perfectly capable of replacing an iphone screen, I’ve replaced several, but since I’m doing the work myself I really ought to be making a considerable saving even when using an apple quality part.  That’s not the case under the scheme they’ve launched.
  • It's time for Apple to retire the Apple Watch Series 3

    This article is really far too kind, it was high time for the Series 3 to be retired at least a couple of years ago.  Certainly when it became impossible to perform a software update without going through all the pain of unpairing etc, the user experience fell off a cliff - it should have been taken off the shelf well before that.

    I get the theory that it exists to make the SE look good, but the thing is the SE *is* good and excellent value, I have the near identical series 4 and can’t really see the need for anything more.  Keeping the S3 around just clutters the lineup and will be misleading a few into making a small “saving” in return for a much poorer experience that will probably put them off the Apple Watch altogether.

    I’ve no doubt the iPhone SE and other models sell well even without Apple still offering the iPhone 6, so not sure why the strategy is so different here.
  • Users report charging bug with Apple Watch after updating to watchOS 8.3

    tommikele said:
    fred1 said:
    I tried to charge my Watch 4 with an Aukey charger and the Apple cable and got a message saying that the charging device is not supported. 
    Fred, perhaps you should consider a more recent generation of the Apple Watch.
    A very silly comment given the article makes it clear this is a problem on the Series 7 and other recent generations too.  The series 4 is still a great watch with about 95% of the same features and performance of the latest models.
  • Mail Privacy Protection doesn't work on the Apple Watch

    chadbag said:
    Of course, the number of people who regularly use their watch to read email can provval be counted on one hand...    I tried it, once...

    Of course this should be fixed, but I would be interested to know how often the watch is used for email reading in the real world. 
    In fairness that’s irrelevant, I’d wager most people get email notifications on their watch even if it’s just a cue to reach for the phone, and those notifications are enough to allow
    tracking to occur - a bit annoying given apple’s boasts on privacy protection.
  • User-modified iPhone X with USB-C port sells for $86K

    macbootx said:
    Has Apple given this young engineer a job offer yet? 
    Call me crazy but I think Apple’s own engineers may already know how to add USB-C to the iPhone.