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  • Sony's Reon Pocket is an iPhone-controlled personal air conditioner

    Only interested in this as it’s Sony... I would be worried about other manufacturers and their choice of stable-or-not battery chemistry being that close to my skin. Ouch! 
  • O2 becomes third UK carrier to sell Apple Watch LTE contracts

    Finally.  They took their sweet time about it and my patience was starting to run out -  I was going to jump to another carrier if they continued to drag their feet after the AW5 release.  Now, if they could only sort out a shared/multi-device data plan...
  • Apple Music coming to Amazon's Echo speaker range on December 17

    peteo said:
    AI you need to update your post

    From the USA Today exclusive report:

    "From the Amazon Alexa app on your phone, you can select Apple Music and link the account to an Echo, just as you might do via the app with Spotify or other streaming options. If you choose to make Apple Music the default music service, Alexa will play the song, artist or playlist of your choice upon request, or for that matter Apple’s Beats 1 radio, without your having to direct Alexa specifically to Apple Music. If Apple Music is not the default, you’d have to say, “Alexa play X on Apple Music.”

    Its not an alexa skill. so you do not need to say alexa play the pixies on apple music
    That's what I was hoping for, with Amazon treating Apple Music on the Echo the same as it does TuneIn, Spotify, or its own music.  Great stuff...  But I don't need any more reasons for the wife to say there's no point in getting a HomePod!
  • Apple Music coming to Amazon's Echo speaker range on December 17

    lkrupp said:
    As for Apple Music and the Echo it’s no surprise at all. The iPod started out exclusive to Apple and iTunes became cross platform later. If Apple wants to grow in the services area then they must go cross platform. Apple’s customer base will still buy Apple products. I bought an Echo just to see what it was all about and it’s not all that superior a product. It’s just relatively cheap and cheap has never doomed Apple in the past even with pundits predicting it would.

    I would normally agree with this statement fully, but have to admit that I just opted for an Echo Plus 2nd Gen on Black Friday, as I still can't justify the cost of the HomePod in comparison.  The larger Echo is 'good enough' for music and I couldn't wait any longer for a meaningful feature update to Apple's speaker - Support for multiple AppleIDs, greater control over notifications and the family's shared calendars/reminders etc.  Ultimately, the HomePod will always be a no-go until my wife can ask Siri to 'Play BBC Radio 2,' although that's not Apple's fault of course! 

    Apple Music on Echo is great news, though - I just cancelled my subscription in favour of the almost-free trial of Amazon Music Unlimited when I bought the new speaker.  It's a very good app and service, and obviously works great with the Amazon hardware, but I would rather go back to Apple Music just because of everything else in our house being in Apple's ecosystem.  

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  • Apple considering offline mode for Siri that could process voice locally on an iPhone

    I'm very happy to hear this...  I drive rurally to/from work and often have points of weak data, although now far less often than when Siri was first released.  For ages I've wanted Siri to at least default to the original Voice Control and try the request again if a network connection wasn't available, as now she just hangs and eventually gives up.

    In fact in the early days I turned it off in the car in favour of Voice Control so I could do simple tasks consistently like voice dialling while I drove (long before Hey Siri, though).  It wasn't until 3G/4G coverage improved in my area that I went Siri full time, but I still have trouble at a few points on my route even today.  It's pretty frustrating when iPhone X’s Siri can't complete a basic command that my 3GS could back in 2009.  This is a welcome change!