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  • Apple considering offline mode for Siri that could process voice locally on an iPhone

    I'm very happy to hear this...  I drive rurally to/from work and often have points of weak data, although now far less often than when Siri was first released.  For ages I've wanted Siri to at least default to the original Voice Control and try the request again if a network connection wasn't available, as now she just hangs and eventually gives up.

    In fact in the early days I turned it off in the car in favour of Voice Control so I could do simple tasks consistently like voice dialling while I drove (long before Hey Siri, though).  It wasn't until 3G/4G coverage improved in my area that I went Siri full time, but I still have trouble at a few points on my route even today.  It's pretty frustrating when iPhone X’s Siri can't complete a basic command that my 3GS could back in 2009.  This is a welcome change!

  • Apple Music scores exclusive playlist deal with Ministry of Sound at expense of Spotify li...

    I have been a MoS fan since my teenage years, but this news is strange to me - There have been a number of Ministry playlists on Apple Music - including those mentioned in the article - for some time at least here in the UK.
  • Analyst estimates Apple Pay used by 253M people worldwide, 31 percent of iPhone install ba...

    fred1 said:
    “This means the percentage of Apple Pay users in the U.S. has decreased to 15% and international has increased to 85%." 

    This is has to be a typo. Isn’t it “. . . and international has increased by 85%.”??
    I don’t think 85% of people internationally are using Apple Pay!
    I read it as meaning that out of all Apple Pay users, 15% are in the US and 85% are ROTW.
  • iPhone X was world's best-selling smartphone model in first quarter

    Winter added. "The previous-generation iPhone 7 shipped a respectable 5.6 million units for fourth place. Combined together, Apple today accounts for four of the world's six most popular smartphone models."

    Am I missing something?  Shouldn't he have said that "
    Apple today accounts for the top four most popular smartphone models in the world." ???

  • Rumor: Apple to launch AirPower and AirPods wireless charging case in March

    I've held back on Airpods until they are available with the wireless charge case as a package, so I'll be picking up a pair hopefully real soon. The only reason I didn't jump straight on at their release was the hope that a black or space grey version would come out, but I've accepted that this is unlikely ever to happen, so now is the time! But one question - The way I read the article it sounds like the choice is between Qi only or Lightning only options… Are we expecting the wireless version not to have a Lightning port as well?