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  • Apple execs say iPadOS 15 helps users to multitask with UI changes

    When I saw the multitasking demo, it seemed complicated and not at all intuitive. I would not be able to repeat what I saw without a lot of experimentation. I think much of the success of Apple products has come from their ability to make things that work the way you’d expect them to, and knowing when less is more in terms of functionality. Simple elegance. I recognize the desire to add functionality to make the products more powerful/useful, and I know it gets progressively more difficult to add functionality without sacrificing ease of use, but that’s the genius that has so often distinguished Apple from their competitors (until they all copied it, and eventually we all accepted the solution to the problem as obvious). 
    You must have been watching a different demo to me. I thought the news system is fantastic. I have iOS 15 dev beta installed, and it rocks. 
  • Apple channels Disney's 'The Little Mermaid' to sell iPad-based freedom

    chasm said:
    BobVB3 said:
    Well the ad is stealth 'truthful' - you can only use an iPad outside like that if it is overcast - in bright sunlight they are unusable.
    I'm not having a problem, but then I don't set up my iPad outdoors so that it reflects the sun, either. I can actually position where I sit outdoors! Amazing!!

    Maybe you should get your eyes checked. Or discover these things called "trees" and "overhangs" that generate this new technology called "shade."
    Exactly. Bob’s attempt to throw shade on the iPad is about as successful as those Irish astronauts deciding to land on the sun and saying they can do so safely because they’ll land at night. 
  • Apple releases ECG Apple Watch app in Australia

    JosephAU said:
    Wasn’t it realised 2 updates ago??
    Yes, this arrived in Watch OS 7.4 and was HUGE news for Apple Watch-owning Aussies at the time. 

    What’s new now except for some statements from people quoted?

    can we please get an answer on why this is being reported as new news when this was reported by AI in April 20, 2021?

  • 'Fortnite: Save the World' updates stop on Mac as U.S. investigates Epic's China connectio...

    JinTech said:
    elijahg said:
    I dunno how right-click > open is so difficult to get around the lack of developer signing, but still. I'd imagine the incoming US/Tencent probe has put a bit of spanner into Sweeney's equation...
    Please correct me (because I am honestly not sure if this is true) if I am wrong but I think I heard that this "feature" will be going away in Big Sur?
    It is a Big Surtainty this will happen? Or is MacOS 11 full of Big Surprises?
  • Apple's iPad loses out to Huawei in Chinese tablet sales slump

    As Daniel Eran Dilger has explained time and again, IDC numbers ain’t worth diddly squat. Lkrupp above makes salient points.

    The report also states Apple captured 35.1% of the available Q1 market in China, even though China’s Q1 was ravaged by coronavirus

    Who is anyone trying to kid? These are great results. To try and spin this as a negative is asinine.