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  • Android loses 8% market share while iOS grows

    This must really irk the choice-monkeys & as people elect quality over the superficial inclusion of choice-based marketing. It’s almost as if people are waking up. Watch how various governments push to break up Apple’s ‘oppressive’ integrated model with increasing  desperation as the illusion of Liberty fails.
  • Apple pulls the plug on macOS Server

    Has all the functionality been transitioned to other services for customers outside the US?
    marc g
  • Netflix blames account sharing for first subscriber loss in a decade

    entropys said:
    It’s like the marketing department hasn’t heard of price sensitive elasticity of demand.
    You’ve just described my country (NZ) we’re constantly trying to turn commodities into luxuries. All the price, none of the quality.
  • Netflix blames account sharing for first subscriber loss in a decade

    mcdave said:
    Actually, yes, this is good news. Here’s a solution, just provide the streaming via an AppleTV channel & let Apple handle unique ID validation & payment.
    Oh please don't. The Netflix App on Apple TV is about the best streaming app there is. At this point it's the major reason I'm even still watching Netflix as often as I do.

    On the other Hand the AppleTV+ App on AppleTV is such an absymal piece of garbage, trying to upsell me on every step I go, adding channels I explicitly I don't want to see and makes a great effort to actually prevent me from seeing, what I want to see.  Just because of that I'm this close to cancelling my AppleTV+ subscription. Even though, when I manage to locate the show I want to see in the labyrinth that it the AppleTV+ APP the shows are great. I just can't be bothered any more.
    Nice troll. If you’d actually used it you’d know;
    1) The AppleTV App and the AppleTV+ service are different & you don’t need the service to use the App.
    2) The AppleTV App doesn’t add channels, you do. It only pulls in content from subscribed channels or compatible installed Apps.
    3) For search, use your words, Siri gets genres, actors and everything - you even say “show me free action movies” etc.
    4) The interface is fine & certainly no worse than Netflix’s endless repetitive scrolling or echo-chamber content surfacing algorithm.

    My one criticism of the AppleTV App is the way it bounces you through to the 3rd-party app rather than just play the stream. If if can directly stream the trailer, it should be able to directly stream the show/movie.
  • European politicians on the cusp of requiring USB-C in all smartphones

    Locking the industry in to a 9-year old technology whilst killing innovation & tech product diversity.