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  • Apple's revised Dutch dating app payment changes are under review

    The good news is, they can now charge all the other developers who steered sales off-platform the same 27%. 
  • New Mac mini with M2 & M2 Pro - all the rumors so far

    darkvader said:
    Hopefully they keep the internal power supply.  An external brick is a step backward.

    Also, how do you open this one?  Back to the putty knife?  Annoying.  (And yes, I will be opening whatever Apple releases, it's part of what I do.)
    Yes or drastically reduce the size to a ‘nano’ enclosure but that would only make sense with an M1/M2 processor.
    Why would you need to open it? No RAM or storage upgrade is likely to be possible.
  • How we ended up with the 'Pregnant Man' Emoji

    To usher in the age of insanity of course.

    By circumventing defiance, rather than tackling it head on, democracy left it intact. Though useful in getting the population to reject other, authoritative, social doctrines like communism & religion, this has created a population-wide psychosis which rejects any form of imposition, real or perceived. Unfortunately defiance is indiscriminate so we reject all social & now natural impositions & shortly reality will be the final imposition (hence Meta spinning up to cash in). I’m unsure how far this goes before it collapses but given the billions caught up, our last war may be the war for sanity.

    Don’t believe me? Just open your eyes, look around & see the patterns which align with the above. They’re everywhere.
  • Apple fined $5.6M for failing to meet Dutch dating app order

    saarek said:
    lkrupp said:
    saarek said:
    rob53 said:
    When I go into any store I have one choice for payment--what the store has to offer. I have no ability to use a third-party payment system to pay for my groceries, household items or anything else. How is the Apple App Store any different? I go to this store and use their payment system. How difficult is it to understand? 

    As for specifying dating apps, ?????????? Why are they special? Is the Dutch government trying to make sure Apple doesn't know who's actually using their App Store and apps? I guess it's time to go after Costco and other membership stores along with every grocery store forcing them to allow me to walk into their store, pick up an item, and tell them I'm using an outside payment system. Of course they'll let me walk out the door. /s Yea, right into a police car on its way to jail. I know all of this is being done because governments want to dictate anything they can while not telling anyone how much in bribes they're getting.
    I suppose the difference is that you could just go to an alternate store to buy your groceries.

    But with the iPhone you don’t have that choice.

    Yes, you were aware of that before you bought your iPhone. But ultimately it comes down to choice. If you want an iPhone you have to accept that you have no choice, it’s Apple App Store with exorbitant fees or the highway.

    Apple makes 35-45% mark up on every phone they sell. The 30% markup on the App Store isn’t really justifiable and we all know it.

    Yes, there are benefits to the end user to being locked down to one App Store. But Apple is blowing their chance of keeping iOS apps locked down by their greed. And yes, it is greed. Most companies either make money on the hardware sale or hope to make it up via the software. Apple makes eye watering profits on the hardware and then takes 30% for all software sales. Sadly that’s Tim Cook for you though, he’s obsessed with profits over everything else.
    It looks like well over a billon users have accepted that they have no choice with Apple, by your dumbass logic anyway. 
    Well yes, if they want an iPhone they have no choice in the matter.

    Personally I hope Apple maintains the one App Store and their control over it. I believe there are benefits to me for them doing so. In terms of security, privacy, etc, it’s much better.

    At the same time I can see the way the wind if blowing. If Apple charged a fair percentage on the App Store, say 5-10% this would be a non issue. But there intransigence and greed is causing this to blow up like a grenade they insist in holding in their hand. Surely even somewhere like you, who absolutely refuses on some weird point of principle to see any wrong with Apple, can see the way this is going. They are in an indefensible position and are only there because of Tim Cook’s greed.
    How many stores provide the tools for their suppliers to manufacture the products in the first place & how much did you factor in for this? Where does 5-10% come from? Figures of 4% have been floated for Google Play transaction processing service alone.

    People aren’t bothered by the 2-3% savings any store competition will actually bring at the expense full platform integrity.

    Some are addicted to choice, mistakenly believing it affords them control (it doesn’t). But as always these loud, gullible idiots will ruin things for the rest of us.
  • Apple Music is the second most used music streaming service globally, Spotify remains in t...

    Driven by Apple One? It’s a no-brainer.