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  • Apple under fire for how it handles Roblox in DOJ antitrust probe

    I'm confused, what's the diff with how Roblox and Fortnite were treated? Both have in-game currency that must be purchased via IAP so that Apple gets their 30% fee. I don't see how they were treated any differently.
    I think it’s less about charging for in-game currency and more about creating an app which is really a storefront for in-game apps. Roblox provides templates but Epic wants to supply discreet apps.
  • Antitrust chief says EU has delayed Big Tech regulation too long

    How is forcing an homogeneous, competitive market model across all platforms not anti-competitive?
  • States attorneys general investigating Instagram's effects on kids

    mcdave said:
    Tough one. On the one hand it turns them into self-obsessed, psychotic, information junkies but on the other hand their social behaviours are easier to track & ‘correct’

    I’m thinking another stalemate.
    I'd add narcissistic and vain, all qualities of their parents who use Instagram, simply illustrating the proverbial apples' not falling far from the tree.
    It’s true that these systems have been doing ‘the good work’ for a while now but what proportion of their parents’ generation even use instagram?
  • Apple promotes ways of staying connected with new SharePlay feature

    What a great feature.

    For 2020.
  • Compared: 16-inch MacBook Pro vs Razer Blade 15 Advanced

    crowley said:
    mcdave said:
    crowley said:
    mcdave said:
    crowley said:
    mcdave said:
    crowley said:
    Apple looking very good on the main specs that count, but weird how they've let themselves be shown up in the versions of HDMI, SD and Bluetooth.
    Because they’re appeasement features with little to no value. Nobody needs 3 seperate ports providing power, video & data. Even the corporate workplace gets the single cable approach replacing the proprietary laptop docking stations. As CFast emerges, SD drops out of the Pro market necessitating dongles anyway.

    There were just to many emotive, irrational, old-thinkers with loud voices who lashed out when something was taken away.

    These ports make as much sense as the Mac Pro.
    You’re replying to the wrong guy buddy, I like that the ports are back. Also, Bluetooth isn’t a port, and since when did the Mac Pro not make sense?

    And you didn’t even address my point. If Apple were trying to appease the “old-thinkers”, then it seems even more odd that they’ve left room for criticism by delivering outdated protocols.
    You said “…let themselves be shown up in the versions of HDMI, SD and Bluetooth.” - I offered an explanation as to why.  They did a half-arsed job because old ports are a nonsense request.

    Do you always react this way when people disagree with your point of view?
    React what way?  We're just talking, and it's ok to disagree.

    I don't think Apple consider these ports to be nonsense.  It also doesn't strike me as very Apple-like to consciously do a half-assed job. 

    HDMI is probably restricted by the M1's limited I/O, but the SD speed and Bluetooth versions are an odd limitation.
    If it has enough bandwidth for 3x Thunderbolt 4 controllers I think it can handle a consumer video port.  Appeasement & satisfaction aren't the same thing, the only reason people are complaining is because some (largely redundant) things were taken away, so they gave them back if only for customers to realise they no longer need them -because the world's moved on. 
    Thunderbolt 4 does not support HDMI 2.1, it doesn't have the bandwidth; even if it is a "consumer video port".  And it's reasonable to assume that the M1 doesn't have an HDMI 2.1-capable video interface, because otherwise they would have used it on either or both of the MBP and the Mac mini (which never lost HDMI btw).  I'm sure it could be re-engineered so it does support HDMI 2.1, but that's not the M1 any more, that's an M2.

    Postulating that Apple deliberately didn't do something that was easy for them to do in order to spite customers who don't know what they want (while giving them want they want) seems bizarre to me.  Apple are in the business of selling things; they want to make things that people will buy.  The MBP seems like it doesn't have HDMI 2.1 because it can't, the M1 doesn't support it.  And it has slower SD and Bluetooth speeds probably just because Apple had other priorities.  I'm sure they'll fix it, though it's a little disappointing that they need to.
    DisplayPort2.0 encapsulated in TB4 peaks at 80Gbps well beyond HDMI 2.1’s 48Gbps. It’s good enough for driving projectors/TVs when you’re caught short but it’s too limited & not worth investing in. Good for PlayStations though.
    Downplaying a substandard tech is totally in Apple’s playbook these days, previously they wouldn’t have insulted their customers’ intelligence by including it.