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  • Leaked Apple Silicon roadmap hints at new Mac Pro, MacBook Air

    Kuyangkoh said:
    Will Apple make those high end Mac in US? Or made in usa simply just a PR a while back!!!
    I think if Apple did make a machine in a free and democratic country I would be more inclined to buy it because I support human rights and companies that make products in free countries. Indeed, when I buy things like cutlery in stores I look at where it's made and pay more for products not made in dictatorships.

    I think someone needs to create a "Seal of Approval" for products that are made in free countries. I would call it the "Freedom Seal." Maybe the logo would look like a seal swimming in the ocean. How many products does Apple make that might qualify for this seal?
    So you’re basing your purchase decision on whether the factory workers were asked whom they think should run the country? What qualifies them (or anyone) to answer that question? Do they even care?

    Freedom, free will or self-determination  is the ability to choose from self-determined, not pre-determined, options. When you voted, was the slip blank? Perhaps the ultimate human right is cognisance, does anything about democratic society appear cognisant to you?
  • Apple appeals against 'political' $1.3 billion French fine

    No! You mean choice has been politically weaponised? I guess what goes around, comes around.
  • Apple's AR and VR headset may launch in 2022 as a premium device

    Apple doesn’t value design anymore, instead choosing to appease the vocal minority with redundant ports (skating to where the puck was) so this thing’s going to be a total clunker.
  • Apple's HomePod, HomePod mini 'largely absent' in smart speaker market

    zroger73 said:
    I've had two HomePods in different rooms for a few years and have enjoyed their sound quality. I recently moved them into the same room and configured them as a stereo pair connected to an Apple TV 4K and was absolutely blown away by Dolby Atmos content and the increase in bass that seems exponentially greater than the sum of two HomePods.
    I never understood why anyone needed more than one smart speaker to control a network of cheaper speakers (& probably wifi mesh-network them too). Even an AppleTV providing the smarts for the ‘drone’ speakers would have worked.
  • Fed expansion of Apple's CSAM system barred by 4th Amendment, Corellium exec says

    Legislation “prevents” nothing, it simply allows legal recourse once its all too late - if you have the resources.