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  • New York's updated Excelsior vaccine passport drops Apple Wallet support

    DaRev said:
    How are people just blindly accepting these vaccine passports? How is it that so few even question something that is so obviously absurd? The fact that they don't accommodate for natural immunity, which is *superior* to the vaccine 'immunity,' should be a clear indication that we're being manipulated. Not to mention the fact that they make no sense, since people 'vaccinated' with these gene modifying agents can still catch and spread covid. It's shocking how many people are accepting these 'passports' as somehow justifiable.
    Listen to the science, science is absolute and no longer open to opposing views of the facts.
    Yes. Have blind faith in science, the numbers don’t lie - unless they’re PC marketing specs because that science is wrong science and we only advocate the right science…
    …until it changes…
    …next year.
  • Apple's HomePod, HomePod mini 'largely absent' in smart speaker market

    Apple missed this market. Looking at where home entertainment was going they should have jumped on the sound bar bandwagon and produced a combination Apple TV + HomePod instead of an expensive not particularly smart speaker. It would probably have been the same price with far more value.
  • Apple's HomePod, HomePod mini 'largely absent' in smart speaker market

    Nobody ‘owns’ a HomePod, not really.

    We can ask it to play stuff for us, set timers, answer trivia. We can even ask it to play our playlists (well, of the family member who set it up) or use it as a remote speaker. But the other night as we were going to bed we heard it playing some expletive-laden rap music from some imaginary playlist which no users have or know.  I expect it to adopt a HAL9000 voice and not let us out of the house any day now.

    HomePods, are too spooky to be popular.
  • Apple renews 1980s throwback dramedy 'Physical' for a second season

    We’ve only managed to chew through a few episodes & it’s painful. Apple has managed to suck the life out of the screen delight that was Rose Byrne & most of my joy too.
    What Ted Lasso giveth, Physical taketh away.
  • Apple Silicon transition may hit its two-year target with 2022 Mac Pro

    The longer they’re leaving it, the more the competition has stepped up. The buying public can’t see beyond marketing specs so genuine advantages are already mitigated. Single-core performance has been matched by Intel 11th gen i7/i9 so it’ll be interesting to see how much Apple has left in the tank.