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  • Apple employees threaten to quit as company takes hard line stance on remote work

    DAalseth said:
    After Covid there's going to be a lot of highly skilled people that realize that they can get as much or more work done from home without a lot of the stress or the hassle. A lot of smart companies are going to realize they can get some really talented people by going along with it, and saving costs by not having to pay for expensive offices. Is Apple one of those smart companies? Time will tell. 
    We came out the other side pretty quickly here in NZ but most companies employed a hybrid attendance model. Our lockdown was a lot shorter so behaviours will be different but the takeaways are;

    1) Most people miss the office vibe.
    2) Whilst WFH can be beneficial for focus on some tasks the lack of incidental interaction stifles innovation.
    3) WFH days result in longer work hours & remote working tech basically puts everyone ‘on-call’ without compensation.
    4) Excessive WFH has been culturally destructive especially around employee engagement & retention; it takes a relationship to get through challenges & WFH dilutes that relationship. 

    These people should be careful what they wish for.
  • Apple offers developers workaround for app RAM limits in iOS 15, iPadOS 15

    Cue videos on YouTube showing how this actually ‘slows down’ iPads because one App hogging RAM causes others to be purged. Also most Apps have poor state preservation forcing a full reload or losing its place in a navigation (or Playlist - looking at you Apple Music & Podcasts).
    I’m with the previous posters, limit the RAM and go for consistency across different device configs or watch the CX drop for no good reason.
  • Files app gets much better thanks to iPadOS 15

    5hortty said:
    I use outlook for iPad and one drive to store documents. When multitasking side by side on iPad, I cannot drag a file from an email in outlook to the one drive app (or the files app with a one drive location favourited). The ONLY was I can save a document from email to one drive is for it to go into a default folder the all docs go into. If I put them in there, I then cannot even move them on the iPad to the relevant client folder in one drive.

    it is absolutely impossible to move a document from an outlook email to a specific one drive folder. I’ve tried all work arounds.

    will this new drag and drop feature solve this. I hope so!!!
    Drag & drop aside, you can tap the file (to show in Microsoft’s god-awful previewer), tap share, tap Share File via, tap Save to files, from there you can navigate to any folder in any cloud drive.
  • UK government intervenes in Nvidia takeover of Arm, cites 'national security'

    rob53 said:
    ok, a bit too optimistic for this early in the morning but we can only hope we're moving to a future similar to what Star Trek envisioned where we can all just get along.
    You mean one ideology to rule them all? Terrifying, though one group has been trying for over a century & a half now. It’s doing well, only China & Iran to go.
  • Leakers hint at colorful iMacs with iPad Pro-like processor for April 20 event

    I’m pretty sure these will be M series but with X (for extra CPU/GPU cores) and Z for even more (32?) GPU cores. As for RAM, can the packages hold more than 64GB?
    Apple seriously needs to make these things modular upgradable at least with GPU & an extra storage tier or their eco claims are ringing hollow.