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  • Apple kept iMessage off Android to lock users in to iOS

    cloudguy said:
    Beats said:
    This reminds me of when people argue and they bring irrelevant points into the conversation.
    ”You never paid me back my $20.... oh and your diet is horrible!!”

    I always thought Apple should charge $1 a month for iMessage and FaceTime on android. 

    And this logic that Apple has to lend a helping hand to knockoffs who already stole software and hardware from Apple is ridiculous. I don’t know why @"avon b7" wants iKnockoffs to be EVEN MORE similar. How much more similar should knockoff iPhones be? At that point “customer choice” is an illusion. It’s already an illusion on Android when 99% of the device are identical across the board. I hate that people scream “anti-competitive!” When a company invents or develops projects but doesn’t share them.

    What next? Nintendo expected to port their library of games to Xbox? Walmart expected to build stores for the competition? Porn allowed on YouTube? Netflix produced shows on Hulu?

    because “anti-competitive!!”
    Android stole software and hardware from Apple?
    How when:

    1. iOS uses Objective C and Swift. Android uses Java (sorta), Kotlin and soon Rust
    2. Apple uses the Ax. Android uses Qualcomm, MediaTek and Samsung Exynos
    3. Most - or actually pretty much all - hardware features debut on Android years before they get to iOS. The only exception is iOS getting 64 bit CPUs and fingerprint scanners first.

    Also, 99% of Android devices aren't identical across the board. And your comparisons to iMessage not being on Android make no sense either, as Apple Music has been on Android for years and Apple TV+ is on its way there. So yeah, 100% of the content in  your post is wrong. You and I agree here, but your zeal to trash Android has utterly poisoned your thinking. I guess because your sincere and utter desire for Apple to have a mobile monopoly prevents you from making accurate arguments as to why they aren't one.
    I guess that proves his point about disassociated arguments.
    Both initial product designs & court transcripts show Andy Reuben never had a clue how to approach the UI paradigm until after Apple released the iPhone with it’s NextStep/OSX ‘column view’ lateral drill-down.
    The blatant copying was bad but for me it was Android’s recreation of all the flaws of PCs (user file system management/external storage, unconstrained multi-tasking, free-form windowing, desperate functional bloat) that was disappointing. Android’s cheap sycophantic popularity & gimmicks in lieu of genuine innovation really dragged mobile computing back. The PC should be near-dead by now but Android’s market hijack is single-handedly responsible for that evolutionary failure.
  • Another $1 million scam app surfaces amid App Store legal battles

    asdasd said:
    Wow, the 1 star reviews are damming. 

    Was charged for app from a pop up. Could not find a way to contact and request refund. Had to contact apple and report it. Was told I would be refunded. Still waiting for the refund. Will be reporting them over and over again!

    So it looks like a popup sends them to the App Store and somehow they are charged immediately. As in $99, and it can't be cancelled. I think that's not possible on the App Store itself but it can happen on dodgy websites.

    Theres a dozen or so 1 start reviews from real people and then lots of 5 stars from obvious fakes. Apple really needs to up their game on fakes. At the very least make it a banning offence. 

    Here it is:
    There’s no where near enough information about this scenario to hold the App Store culpable. Sending the user to an external payment system is the thing Apple bans & is fighting to keep banning.
  • Arm's new chip architecture will power future devices, possibly including Apple's

    Apple got Sherlocked by ARM, whatever next?
  • Arm's new chip architecture will power future devices, possibly including Apple's

    dk49 said:
    If ARM has its own AI engine now, what does it mean for Apple's Neural engine? Is it possible for Apple to completely discard ARMs AI engine in their processors or they will have to build theirs on top of ARMs? If yes then will it not break ARM's licence? 
    Nope. The Apple Neural Engine is only one AI accelerator for discreet AI work, they also have their own CPU vector/SIMD extension called AMX for in-flight AI work. I believe it uses proprietary SVE since the A13.

    This is my bone of contention with Cinebench as it ignores a TeraOp of SIMD compute from the AMX units. The M1 should be smashing all but ThreadRipper/Epyc on Cinebench but as it’s Embree renderer is controlled by Intel, that optimisation probably won’t happen.
  • Return of the Mac: How Apple Silicon will herald a new era at WWDC 2021

    Finally an article that clearly points out the unfortunate limitations of the M1.  Everyone is so blinded in tunnel vision of 3x performance that they are completely missing out on the fact that the M1 is a low-end base model CPU with less features than the models it replaced.  

    It was not long ago that all the commenters were complaining of soldered memory, soldered storage, no upgrades, etc.  All Apple has to do is slap an Apple logo on a pig and the fanatics think it is the best thing in the world.  It wasn't long ago that people were complaining about 16GB RAM in the MacBooks and then they cheered when Apple bumped it up to 32GB and 64GB.  Now suddenly they are all happy that the M1 is capped at 16GB?  Suddenly they are excited that integrated graphics in the M1 are faster than the integrated graphics on the intel Macs, but still much slower than discrete graphics?  WTF?  

    Could you imagine if Apple introduced an iMac with only 16GB of RAM (instead of 128GB), 2TB of storage (instead of 8TB), two USB-C (instead of 4 USB/2 Thunderbolt), and integrated graphics driving a 27+" 5K display?  It would be a joke!  Or a Mac Pro with those specs?  Suddenly people think a 16GB M1 can do anything?  Not when you throw a huge graphics file at it.  Let's not forget about the excessive read/writes that is occurring in the M1 Macs, wearing out the flash storage prematurely.
    What is wrong with you? Why are you falsely claiming that Apple is replacing top of the range products with inferior machines? The M1 models aren’t slower than any Intel Mac Mini, any Intel MacBook Air or any 13” Intel MacBook Pro. The M1 MBP does match the performance of the low-end dGPU (5300M) in the 16” MBP whilst kicking any CPU butt.

    If you don’t get ARC memory management, stop talking. You sound like the people who can’t differentiate between core-count/GHz and actual performance. The memory pressure in the 16GB M1 is mostly lower than a 32GB Intel-based product.

    The SSD write issues have been debunked. As you’re a sucker for Kool-Aid, Cinebench is an invalid benchmark as it uses Intel’s Embree renderer which, oddly, is only optimised for x86 SIMD (SSE4/AVX2 - not AVX512 as it down-clocks quickly under load) and not the M1’s custom SIMD units beyond standard NEON.