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  • Netflix kills in-app subscription option for iPhone & iPad users

    Don't bite the Apple that feeds you.

    This may be an early move is desperation due to Apples coming service.

    I hope Apples service dominates like everything else Apple does. Couldn't care if Netflix became the next Nokia.
    So you want Netflix to fail because they don’t want to give Apple 30/15% cut? How is that good for anybody?
    Yes I do.

    Do you think Walmart does not deserve a cut of everything they offer?

    If I were Apple I'd kick them off my platform.
    There would be a full on revolt against Apple if they kicked Netflix off. It would be the worst PR move in Apples history. Lucky we don’t have to worry about that. 
  • Apple says some 2018 iPad Pro units ship with bent chassis, not considered a defect

    Under Steve we had the following less-than-polished products.

    MobileMe iPod shuffle that died from sweat Many NVIDIA MBPro recalls IPod socks IPod Nano recalls IPhone 1G (no MMS, no App Store, etc) Plastic MacBook that cracked everywhere iMac G5 - Logic board would die IMac Core Duo - known display issues IPhone 3G - plastic would crack on the corners AppleTV 1st gen - would overheat ITunes Ping MobileMe IPhone antennagate iBook G3 (CPU separation issue)

    Yeah, this iPad news is interesting to see, but let’s not forget this isn’t anything new to Apple.

  • Apple's iPhone XR will launch with an official clear plastic case

    Hey, I love Apple. And i gladly pay a premiuim for their electronics. But i do draw the line at covers & cases. It’s not about the money as much as its about the principle. Again, i am the biggest Apple fanboy there is, but come on...their cases aren’t leagues better than 3rd party cases like their devices & software are from the competition. They just aren’t. $40 for a clear plastic case? Nah. I bet the good quality 3rd party cases & covers are made in the same factories that make the Apple versions anyway. I’ve only had one apple cover. It came free with my first ipad mini. All the rest of my covers for my iphones & ipads have been 3rd party ones for $10 or less. Guess what? The ONLY cover that hasn’t survived is my ipad mini cover from Apple. The fabric has torn and peeled off on the corners. Just saying.

    On a side note, I wrote Tim Cook about the use of leather in their accessory cases. Apple is always touting itself as the greenest company. Using leather for their cases flys in the face of that admirable goal. I suggested they use other materials. Faux leather is just as good and they could easily set the trend for other companies. People would gladly accept this choice. They’re Apple! They can do anything. Of course they’d still charge a premium for their faux leather cases. Lol

    I love the Apple leather cases and don’t want a faux leather one. 
  • AirPower wireless charging pad allegedly stalled until spring by heat and interference iss...

    lkrupp said:
    Very surprised Apple ever announced this on stage. It clearly was vaporware at that point and that’s not something Apple usually makes public. John Gruber things this product is pretty much DOA and will never be released.
    Unless management got rolled by promises from engineering and technical problems became worse as time passed. I bet management never saw a working prototype in the lab but took the word of whoever was in charge that it would eventually work. Or it could be something like we hear from the armchair engineers in this forum who blather about how "easy" it would be to add this or that feature/function with out knowing a damn thing about hardware or software engineering. A charging platform that will charge three devices at once? Piece of cake until they actually tried to build the thing.

    The real black eye for Apple would be for them to cancel the project and then have Belkin or some other third party manufacturer come out with a working product.
    Why blame the engineers? Maybe the engineers said it couldn’t be done but management said make it happen. 

    Either way, someone or multiple people screwed up. 
  • Apple Heart Study data reportedly used to win FDA approval for Apple Watch ECG

    genovelle said:
    I think an important part that people are overlooking is that if I have a Series 4 AND feel/am notified that something is off I can’t take an ECG and save the data which I can then share with my doctor (hopefully). The president of the AHA mentioned he typically has patients report symptoms that aren’t present during an appointment. 

    With Series 4 we can at least get some sort of data, even if rudimentary, for our doctor to start from. This seems like a great capability in a device I’m already wearing every day for reasons unrelated to taking an ECG. 
    Sounds like they went looking for a doctor to down play the significance of this ability. Lol

    It’s to keep people in check about the reality of what it really is. It only reads a single lead when you need multiple to have a overall better understanding of what is going on.