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  • Failure of Pixel 2 exposed a larger problem: Google's ads don't work

    I personally love the new style I've seen as of late.  It's factual and aggressive, and relatively brief.  It's about time Google is called out on their shit.  
    Why? How are they threatening Apple in any way. If this phone is as bad as DED says why even waste any time on it?
    You seem to think that I write to bring balance to the Universe according to my whims. If I were so powerful, I'd be writing about different subjects. 

    I write to be correct.

    I know the industry, and I have a decade of work out there anyone can evaluate for accuracy. You've been trolling for a while now, making regular personal attacks at my expense. What have you ever said that's ever been even sort of accurate, if not just total hogwash-spin in the service of Google, making excuses for an incredibly inept, failure-upon-failure group that has plundered American businesses and wasted billions on frivolous horseshit? I have a pretty good memory for tech history, and I can't remember you ever saying anything that wasn't pure, desperate garbage. Why do you keep going? I'm paid here, you're not. I get to enjoy being right, you can't. What's your motivation? 
    Daniel, you put so much effort into disparaging other companies article after article. It’s tiresome sometimes.

    Why don’t you use some of the critical thinking skills to work and focus on what Apple doesn’t do so well and where Apple is failing or could do better? Apple is great and they obviously are doing well, but Apple isn’t perfect by any means and it’d be great to see you apply the same thought process towards Apple in which they are either behind or not doing well. 
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  • HomePod review roundup: Apple's smart speaker sounds incredible, but Siri is lacking

    foggyhill said:
    But, but, but, but..... snore..... They need to make everything clickbait and putting negative anything Apple is clickbait.

    So, it basically reflects what Apple said when they announced it... Well, good golly gee that's just great. Lets all buy one, or two, I know I am.
    I’m ONLY buying one and only because I get it for half off. There’s absolutely no need for me to have this product as I just installed a HT system that’ll obviously blow the HomePod away. But I like to try new products regardless and see how they do.

    I will probably sell it shortly after for a profit. So no loss at all. For what it is in the actual segment it’s in, it looks to be pretty great and I’m sure it’ll sell well. 
  • Apple promotes iOS 11 for iPad in new ad series

    Very, Very cool.  Apple really needs to make people aware of iPad Pro + iOS 11 features.
    This will eventually lead to the iPad Pro replacing a lot of Macs and MacBooks.
    Go Apple!
    Fixed that for you
    That doesn’t make any sense. Most people who own ipads do not also own Macs, thus its far to say any non-purchased laptop/desktop would be a PC and not a mac. Can you more clearly explain the negative narrative yarn you’re spinning?

    Don't piss all over his troll parade!!
    You two are so cute together. 
    Avieshekking editor the grate
  • Amazon working on mobile messaging service to rival Apple Messages

    sflocal said:
    Amazon is like Google in that it's building as much crap as they can in the hope something sticks.

    This will fail, or at most will be just a barely-used curiosity.  Stop wasting time and money and work on your core services.  It's amazing that this company barely makes a profit, yet still has a stock-price that in no way correlates to any kind of reality that we live in.
    Good grief. The same hypocrisy on this thread that is on so many others. If Apple wants to enter a new field or debut a new product, whether it is music players, smartphones, tablets, smart watches/wearables, IoT, VR/AR, TV and music streaming, ebooks (all of which had viable, profitable, traction-gaining products before Apple entered) it is a good thing. Great for consumers, the market, technology, humanity as a whole. But let other companies do the same thing? Evil. Wrong. Copyright infringement. And so on.

    It is funny that fans of the company that renamed itself from "Apple Computer, Inc." to "Apple Inc." in 2007 precisely because personal computers were no longer going to be their primary product because since then they have moved into areas like mobile devices, wearables/IoT, AR/VR, AI, streaming media, cloud, green energy, original entertainment etc. and plans still more expansions into the future is telling everyone else to stay in their lanes. Seriously?

    As far as the old "create as many new products as possible in the hope that something sticks" it is very simple to answer that: structured versus RAD. Waterfall versus agile. Apple is the former, along with IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, HP, Oracle, Sony, Nintento, Intel, and the American telecom companies (AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon etc.). The latter includes Google, Amazon, Facebook, Salesforce, Qualcomm and a lot of the South Korean/Taiwanese/Chinese hardware companies (Samsung Mobile, Nvidia, Acer, Asustek, Huawei). Which of those are doing better right now? Before you answer, realize that the former legacy waterfall group also included the likes of DEC, NCR, RCA, GE, Motorola, Eastman Kodak, Xerox, Toshiba and Mitsubishi. Which means that nearly all have been bought by foreign competition (RCA, Motorola), have all but exited the hardware game and are now eking along as software/services only (AT&T, NCR, IBM) or flat out no longer exist in a meaningful sense. By contrast the only major RAD company to have truly gone belly-up was Sun. Which means that not only is Apple the biggest company in the world, but also the last major player of its kind

    Remember that before you mock all these other companies for not having the same product strategy and overall business model as Apple. Because nearly every other company that does things the way that Apple does is either out of business, heading that way or is only surviving as as a shell of its former self. Meaning that what works so well for Apple will probably not work as well for well for everyone else. And for that matter, it is highly debatable how Apple's way of doing things worked before the iPhone or will continue to so after it as more and more things shift to the very platform-independent web and cloud based models that you folks mock Google, Amazon, Facebook etc. for using to make billions, with a good chunk of it coming from Apple's own hardware and in competing with Apple's own software and services.
    Apple is not just the last of the older generation of tech companies, but in fact the most successful public corp in human history. 

    Today Apple is the most successful, yesterday they were not and most certainly tomorrow they will not be. 

    Apple is is having its glory days now, and I’m extremely excited about that, but just like EVERY SINGLE OTHER COMPANY that has “held” that spot, they will be surpassed sooner or later. Probably a little over sooner and slightly before later. 

    You say this like it’s the only time in “human history” its ever been done. There have been multiples of company that have “in fact been the most successful public Corp in human history”
  • Survey finds 1/3 of people interested in Apple's HomePod, still more likely to buy Amazon ...

    foggyhill said:
    So, people will buy cheaper product even though they'd actually buy the more expensive one if they had the money to do so... Well, aint that surprising (sic).

    Isn't that the whole reason why people buy Android phones?

    Apple is aspirational, sadly not everyone gets one; but they wish they could...
    Not true, Apple may be aspirational to you, and not everyone wants one or wish they could get one. 

    Just because you and I and others like and want an Apple device, doesn't mean everyone thinks the same as well.