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  • Apple culture of secrecy claimed to cause Swift lead's exit, but Chris Lattner denies repo...

    scottkrk2 said:
    Apple's place in the world has changed, under Steve Jobs Apple was an innovator and a leader, now it has become a follower with a great legacy of design, retail, engineering and supply chain management that Jobs built up over a decade.

    Apple management needs to change it's approach to adapt to its new place in the world and ditch the secrecy.

    PS Could someone please tell Phil Schiller that he is not channeling Steve Jobs or being 'courageous' by dropping 3.5mm headphone on the iPhone 7 (Apple should have waited to next year's new design), neither was ditching USB-A ports, magsafe, etc on the new MBP (should have just replaced the two TB ports with USBC/TB3 ports).
    Sour grapes nonsense. Apple isn't following with the best smartphone, tablet, notebooks, desktops, payment system, smartwatch, and now wireless headphones. Each of these devices has a mind-blowing amount of hardware engineering innovation, much of it invisible from the outside and thus overlooked by most. And you cite supply chain management but you do realize they're still king of JIT supply chain and Cook brought that.

    But oh, not enough legacy USB ports. Uh huh.
    Payment system?!?! Mind-blowing innovation?!?! Not really. Other things you stated sure. But not Apple Pay. 
  • Google turns Drive for iOS into Android migration tool

    Funny that Move can bring more items over to the iPhone (like SMS) than Google can bring back. Simply because Apple has stricter privacy permissions than Android. Meaning any migration tool will always work better going from Android to iOS than iOS to Android.

    SMS/iMessage is a HUGE one for me. I keep a lot of conversations around, sometimes even years after they're finished. Very useful if you want to go back and check a conversation you had with someone (for me a big one is tenants and discussions over any agreements we made). And this is one area Apple doesn't allow developers to access. There isn't even a Permissions setting to give you the option to allow access. Same for call logs.
    Funny that Samsung has had a app called smartswitch that could do all of that for well over a couple of years now. It can transfer over pretty much everything from iOS to a Samsung, including sms, pretty easily.