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  • Intel-based iMac refresh will launch in the next week, leakers claim

    No one wants this outdated look anymore.  Zero interest in paying Apple prices for a 2012 design.
  • Review: Brydge Pro+ keyboard & trackpad both helped & hindered by iPadOS

    I bought the Brydge for the last gen of 12.9. I farmed it out to an employee. Thing weights a lot. If I’m gonna carry something that bulky & heavy, then why not just carry a full MacBook Pro 13? If your doing so much typing that you constantly need a keyboard, I don’t think this is the best option.
  • Microsoft suggests shift to iPhone as Windows 10 Mobile end of support date announced

    At th risk of getting flamed. I don't think Windows is finished with the mobile world just finished with the Windows Mobile platform. Processors are getting smaller and smaller.  Full blown Windows running on ARMs. Screens thinner and flexible. Hell, think about how beast the current iPad Pro is right now. Its only a matter of time before one of those amazing concept photos of a trifold slate that goes from being a phone to a decent size table becomes a reality.  I think Microsoft is taking a step back from a floundering platform to get prepped for the next wave.Time will tell, but I think competition in the mobile tech marketplace is good for all of us.
  • Review: Apple's Smart Keyboard Folio is the best option for the iPad Pro, but has too many...

    I have to agree with the writer on the viewing angles.  That said, I ordered a keyboard folio with my new iPad 12.9 to give it a test run even though I did not purchase the keyboard folio with my 2017 model.  I just used an Apple Magic key board that I carried along with it because I hated the feel of the keys on the old Smart Folio.  The keys on the new Smart folio feel much better. I also like the fact that the new folio now covers both sides of the iPad and doesn't have the odd lumpy look of the previous generation.  When I'm using my iPad as jst a tablet, I tend to detach it from the folio. I have always loved that aspect fo the smart covers, ditch the extra weight and just tablet out.  That is something you cannot easily do with any of the other 3rd party cases I've seen. My iPad 12.9 remains my goto mobile platform and this keyboard folio addresses my needs on the go.
  • Should you upgrade to Apple's redesigned 2018 iPad Pro?

    I have pre-order a maxed out 12.9.  iPad Pro's have been my go-to mobile device since the 1st Gen of the 12.9. Things only got better after the release of iOS 11.  2nd Gen iPad Pro was even better and this continues the tradition.  I haven't need a laptop since the first iPad Pro's were released.  I still use a 5k iMac at home but I'm impressed with the evolution of the platform.