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    iOS 11 includes the new do not disturb while driving. I’ve been using it and I don’t get text message or call alerts while driving. Senders receive a message that I’m driving and I’ll respond when I get to my destination. I can override it but that’s included for passengers. It doesn’t preclude driver stupidity but it helps put up a roadblock that they have to consciously think before texting. Texting and driving by teenagers is a huge problem and it comes back to educating the driver no matter what age.

    Suing the phone maker, carrier, car maker, car phone charging maker, city, etc. isn’t going to bring this man’s or anyone’s loved one back. (Just kidding about all those extras). 

    Obviously Apple had its reasons for waiting to include the feature until iOS 11. Holding it back because of competition is laughable. It’s actually a great feature that I think is a selling point. 
  • 'Apple Watch Series 3' rumored to boast all-new form factor [u]

    dougd said:
    Daily charging makes this product something I'd never want. Certainly don't need it with an iPhone in my pocket.
    I've worn a watch on my wrist for over 35 years. I've never worn one to bed. Placing my Apple Watch on the charger overnight isn't really a problem for me. In fact when you place it on your night stand on its side it becomes a bedside clock with an alarm. Using a Bluetooth speaker it can even be a beside music player. If I haven't had my charger available I often get about 2 days because I take it off at night. When you don't wear it the Apple Watch uses less battery just as the iPhone uses less battery when it's laying on the desk or just in your pocket. (especially with iOS 11)

    Here's a good reason for owning and wearing an Apple Watch; I take blood thinners for a hereditary condition. Last week I started to severely bleed internally and was home by myself. I used the Apple Watch's emergency call feature since I had left my iPhone in another room on my desk. My watch call 911 and I was able to communicate with an operator and the paramedics were there in less than 10 minutes. After I hung up with 911 my Watch automatically called my wife's iPhone while she was at work and I told her what was happening and meet me at the hospital. (the paramedics pounded on me, pinched me, slapped me to keep me awake) The paramedics told me I was close to going into shock from loss of blood. My wife wouldn't have been home for another 6 hours. Without my Apple Watch it's possible that I could have passed out on the bathroom floor and maybe died.

    Also those who don't pay attention to Apple Heath on their iPhone, get familiar with it! I had my wife come home and pick up my iPhone from home before heading to the ER. Why? My clinic allows me to download my health record in XML and I had recently downloaded it to my iPhone as shown in an AI article from July 17,17. I was able to provide the information to the ER personnel to help them with my care.
  • Seventh betas of macOS 10.12.4 and iOS 10.3 released for public & developer testing [u]

    All of the bluetooth issues that I had where I would lose the connection with my Apple Watch are gone and all of the connections with my bluetooth devices (glucose meters, headphones, Beats Pill+, BiPAP device) connect through their apps without issues which hasn't always been the case. There were times when I would have to remove the device and re-pair to make a connection. Haven't had a problem since about Beta 3.