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  • Apple's HomePod isn't about Siri, but rather the future of home audio

    I like Apple products and own several of them. I believe the HomePod will be a another good product within its price point. Every article I have read of people who attended its unveiling loved its sound for its price point. They compared it to the Sonos play 3 with some saying it sounded better. None sompared it to the Sonos play 5 nor less a $85,000 speaker set. You have to be realistic in your sound expectations. There is no way Apple would charge less for the HomePod then the Sonos play 5 if it sounded better then it. 
  • Apple, 67 other businesses file against North Carolina's HB2 'bathroom' law

    Cook is a hypocrite. Apple's second biggest market is China. Apple makes the majority of its devices in China. Yet China is very anti lbgt. In fact gays are not even allowed in tv shows, movies, commercials, etc. in China. So he is willing to do all of this business in China but comes down on NC for a bathroom law? Most people have never read the Charlotte bathroom ordinance. If they did, they would see why the state implemented HB2 into law. The people of Charlotte didn't want the ordinance(which was brought forth by a registered child sex offender) but it was forced onto them. Businesses, churches, etc would have been forced to allow men (dressed as women or not) into women's facilities. The man could not be removed from the facility as long as he said he identified as a woman (dressed as one or not). Other countries have tried this and quickly changed the law back due to women being abused while in their facilities by men. HB2 protects women and children. Read the law for yourself. Also, sex cannot be changed its in the DNA, Matthew 19:4
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  • Apple CEO Tim Cook calls for racial equality in light of US shooting deaths

    First of all if Cook really cared about racial equality he would be hiring more African American males and females. Secondly, we have great law enforcement in this country, but it is sad to see how some officers treat African Americans differently. Their have been countless times in this country when people of other races committed horrible crimes such mass murder, but yet were given the opportunity to put their weapon down and leave the scene alive. 
  • Schiller schools internet on correct Apple device plurals, but Cook says 'iPad Pros'

    He needs to focus on trying to sell more "iPad Pro devices" instead of trying to be an English professor. 
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  • Review: Apple's 4" iPhone SE is better than we deserve

    I have various Apple devices and the iPhone 5SE is a nice phone, but I do not agree that it is "better than we deserve". Sure it starts at $399, but it is essentially a phone Apple put together from its own recycling bin, and sells it as new. Every component comes from either the 5s, 6, or 6s which makes this phone dirt cheap to make with crazy profit margins.  That's Cook's Apple, and it's certainly not better then we deserve.