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  • If China invades Taiwan, TSMC can wreck Apple's chip production line remotely

    avon b7 said:
    [...] Apple took a huge risk in putting all its chip related eggs into one basket mostly in Taiwan. It's paid off so far but the risk (political, economic, natural disaster or otherwise) remains and they are seeking to change that slowly. A wise move. 

    Apple keeps trying and failing.  They tried so hard to make Samsung work as a second source, but they just weren't good enough. Apple even tried out Intel, but they weren't good enough either.  As you go down that list, foundries just get less cutting edge.
  • Senator Warren doesn't have a plan to break up Apple, but still wants to pretty badly

    Seems like Android devices are ALSO talking to iPhones over SMS.  iPhone users don't get proprietary Android messaging features like tap back icons, full resolution photos and movies, etc.  For years, the most annoying thing was Android had a proprietary way to handling group message threads that iPhone's could not emulate.  As a result, everything broke apart - you received an initial group text, but if you replied, you were replying to one person, and all kinds of strange things happened from then on, where you'd get a reply from one person out of context, but not see the group replies.  It was crazy.  

    ALL the hardware phone companies were not incentivized to collaborate on a unified rich messaging platform. Only software companies like WhatsApp tried to do that.  Which Apple freely allows on their platform.

  • Two new iPad models spotted in regulatory database

    danox said:

    Full Mac OS on a iPad keep dreaming (maybe when Microsoft makes good competitve ARM hardware with an actual Apple level port of their Windows OS to a different chip architecture which is fully compatible to the systems of the past?)
    That's how I've always felt - until I tried it.  You can try it, too - just run a VNC app that connects to the screen of your Mac Laptop.  It sounds like it would work well, but it just didn't.  The main reason was the screen size, the GUI element size, and accuracy of controls.  These are not impossible details to fix - and of course, the old 11" Macbook was somewhat useful.   But it's just not as big a win as you might think - I encourage you to give it a shot. :) The rumored 16" or 20" iPads might help this, but they won't be portable.  So does a touch based MacOS actually work, or are you really just looking for a 12" Macbook replacement?  (Those I found incredibly useful.)
  • iPhone 17 display rumored to be anti-reflective and more scratch-resistant

    The reason I put a cover over my screen isn't just to protect it during accidental drops, but also so I can clean it.  I simply have found no easy way to safely clean apple screens directly.  But put glass over it, and you can use any cleaner you want, which works perfectly, and without any risk to damaging the screen.
  • Apple's 3D video cameras spotted during NBA Slam Dunk Contest

    That's interesting - stereoscopic is a distinctly different approach then what Apple uses where they capture  depth of field.  Stereoscopic would still work for a 3D effect, but you couldn't as easily change your point of view or have other things interact with it, unless Apple's getting pretty good at guessing depth from stereo.  On the plus side, it's a perfect match for 3D cinema and live events at theaters.