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  • Headphone picks for iPhone 7 users missing the 3.5mm headphone jack

    As a side note, if Apple opens up their MFI program to allow a good audio jack + lightning port adapter (not dock) without artificially degrading audio quality, then I'm OK dealing with the adapter.  I'm not quite ready to go with that kickstart project that extends the iPhone a few mm with a custom case, but if that ends up being the only way...  Then it's only a drop in convenience.

    As a comparison, when Apple switched from Magsafe to Magsafe2, they freely sold $9.99 adapters so you could use your old Magsafe plugs with the new ports.  That didn't hurt anyone and allowed Apple to move on without inconveniencing people.

  • Headphone picks for iPhone 7 users missing the 3.5mm headphone jack

    who's "forcing" anybody? sounds like you and Woz need to look that word up. 
    Apple removed the choice of wired audio.  The lightning adapter is acceptable, but then you can't charge.  Sure, we can choose to stop using Apple devices instead, but that's asking a lot.  So we are being "forced" to (1) give up on high quality audio, or (2) leave the Apple eco-system.  That sounds like a force to me.  In fact, modern Apple is acting like Microsoft - changing their products in a way that further's their own ambitions instead of actually making life better for users.  Steve Jobs didn't have to think that way - he knew that if you make a good product that people like, it sells well and you make profits.

    Your arguement is like saying US laws don't "force" anyone to do anything because in theory you can always leave the US and go somewhere else.  Well, the "force" is saying "if you want to stay in the US, you HAVE to do this."

    I really don't understand the people rushing to defend Apple in this - how is getting a device with no headphone jack improving your life?  Every poll I've seen online shows around 70% of iPhone owners have an issue with this.  Just because you don't care about audio quality doesn't mean that no one does.

    I'm perfectly willing to turn my habits upside and buy all new equipment just to stay in the Apple Eco-system, but only when Apple can provide something that isn't a step down in quality or convenience.

  • Headphone picks for iPhone 7 users missing the 3.5mm headphone jack

    Personally, I love the ATH-M50x headphones, and have a pair myself, but they aren't wireless, so I'm not sure why they're included in this article.

    I also did many tests on my awesome car stereo and iPhone of wired vs bluetooth, and the bluetooth quality was horrible!  It was like throwing away the entire stereo and replacing it by a small boom box.  So I did some Googling and found out that there are many reasons you won't even get the 350 kbit/sec max of bluetooth 4.  First, the receiver and sender must support identical codecs.  And second, they must negotiate a minimum compatible transfer rate.  Some receivers, even if they could support the full rate, may just default to the 50 kbit/sec transfer rate.  And finally, there is the quality of the codec itself, which can be extremely lossy.

    I really think Woz said it best - don't FORCE people into wireless until a standard exists that has quality comparable to wired.  That's why people throwing around the floppy disk analogy are wrong - when Steve ditched the floppy disk, there were new storage mediums that had higher capacity and were faster than flash.  What bluetooth needs is a STANDARD, LOSSLESS codec that can be supported across the board.

  • New iPad Pro refresh rumors point to new 'iPad mini Pro,' True Tone across the line

    macxpress said:
    If I were Apple I'd drop the mini and lower the price of the 9.7" iPad to the price of the mini. Then lower the price of the iPad Pro models down to the price of the 9.7" iPad. Just in time for the holidays too. Apple's doesn't need an iPad mini Pro model. There are way too many models of iPads as it is between the different screen sizes, old models, new models, Wifi models, LTE models, Pro models, capacity models, etc. Its just too much IMO. 
    The problem with this approach is technical - it's weight.  I'd be using a 13" iPad Pro for everything if it weighed only a half pound.  The big problem is currently the Mini is the outer limit of acceptable weight such that I can:

    -> Hold one handed - it's a stretch but I can even wrap my thumb and pinky around the two edges.
    -> Hold in the air with my arms for more than a few minutes.

    I've tried this with the 1 pound 9.7" iPad Pro and it's just hopeless - after a few minutes, the iPad is touching the ground.  At which point it's a lot less portable., and effectively smaller because it's farther from my eyes.  And the iPad Mini is still stretching the limits - in comparison, a 6 ounce kindle I can hold in one hand for an hour.

    I do agree that if you made the 9.7" iPad Pro under 8 ounces then I see little need for the iPad Mini.  Some women can fit the mini in their purses, but I think most now go for an iPhone Plus.  But that's why I think we still need the mini - because the low weight makes it more portable than a laptop, which usually sits on a desk or table.
  • 'iPhone 7' might replace 3.5mm headphone jack with second speaker, analysts say

    mac_128 said:
    This is the dumbest rumor yet. I'm all for removing the 3.5mm headphone jack unless it's for this. The quality of a speaker that small, and the lack of spatial separation makes this all but pointless for the customer. Barclay's is just speculating, and doing so badly. Did they bother to consult with any audio engineers first?

    Thanks for cheering me up by pointing out how vague the rumor is.  I wish Apple would internalize the notion that people really need at least TWO ports - power + other.  My common use case is to charge my phone in my car while listening to music.  My car's got an awesome stereo, but needs a physical connection.

    I wonder if it would be possible to make an adapter that not only has a headphone jack but a pass through lightning charger?  Then the issue would be moot. :)