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  • Here are all the new watch faces in watchOS 6

    igud71 said:
    Big disappointment!!! No custom watch faces. And this watch faces are only for Apple Watch 4.  :/
    Apple Watch is great smartwatch but without soul. This would never happen under Steve Jobs.

    I think that watch faces are the apps for smartwatches and to cut off developers from developing custom watch faces is similar to cut off developers from developing apps for iPhones...

    If custom watch faces were opened up to developers, then I would give it about 4 weeks before accurate Hermès knock-off faces were available.
  • Scenes from WWDC 2019 -- Apple's swag for attendees and the convention center

    dewme said:
    The black Apple logo is intriguing. Could that be linked to a new Mac Pro? 
    Interesting idea. But the previous Mac Pro was dark. Its logo was lighter than the black colour but was darker than your average logo.
    IOS 13 dark mode perhaps?
  • Australian teen hacker escapes jail term for accessing Apple's corporate network

    mcdave said:
    Hey everyone, crime’s OK in Australia!
    Yeah .. we have a mass shooting event at least once a fortnight.
  • Huawei tossed from SD Association, Wi-Fi Alliance, RAM spec group

    lkrupp said:
    genovelle said:
    mac_dog said:
    OUCH! That’s going to leave a mark. 
    The possible retaliation has the potential to  wreck havoc on our entire economy. 
    And we brought it on ourselves by constantly demanding cheaper prices, thereby all but forcing American companies to manufacture in China. So I suppose your solution is to simply capitulate to the Chinese and become their economic servants? Better Red than Dead?
    Fact: China has the second largest economy, soon the largest economy in the world.

    China is returning to the top of the economic system, a place it occupied before the industrial revolution. The days of comfortable multilateralism superintended by the USA along Jeffersonian principles is fading away.  Power and influence (setting the rules) naturally accompanies the re-ascension of China as the world's biggest economy (wealth).

    The Huawei thing, to me, is just a micro-instantiation of the much larger macro economics that are emerging and likely won't be the last.

    The re-linking of population and GDP and the flow-on return to great-power economics and politics is happening and is the world the USA is going to find itself living in. I would be surprised if any of this is news to Trump.

    avon b7
  • LG UltraFine 5K display sold out on online Apple store

    Soli said:
    If Apple can stop making a display to come back years later with an excellent product, then her’s hoping they will do the same for mesh networking.