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  • Sleep tracking and monitoring coming to Apple Watch in 2020

    I also use AutoSleep (works great) and battery life is a non-issue. At night, I set the watch to "Theatre Mode" so the watch face doesn't go on as I move around while sleeping or trying to get to sleep. That likely saves some battery. In the morning, I pop it on the charger (left by side of bed) and by the time I'm ready to leave for the morning it is fully charged. This worked on my older series 3 AW as well. It's easier to simply make that part of my morning routine so even if the battery lasted some number of days, I'd probably charge it daily.
  • Apple details Siri's machine learning upgrades for better listening on HomePod

    Once you have more HomeKit automation, the HomePod becomes more useful to turn on and off devices or enable scenes. Hey Siri, set scene dining (or just say hey Siri, dinning) to setup a set of lights in our home. Sure, you could do that with your iPhone but when you're scrambling around in the kitchen it's a lot easier to just talk. Not saying it's worth the expense but it's a nice extravagance. I'd like a smaller HomePod that cost 1/2 as much so I could add to a few more areas in our home. It's nice they started high end but they are expensive.
  • If you have an iPhone X, should you upgrade to the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max?

    bonobob said:

    Quote:  The biggest new feature is Bokeh and Depth Control, which allows you to adjust the background blur and depth after taking photos. This feature alone is going to convince a lot of people to upgrade, simply because it makes photos look noticeably better. 
    The iPhone X is capable of doing both of these features. The only question is whether iOS 12 Photos app will allow it on the X.  The third party Focos app can adjust both depth of field and plane of focus on a portrait mode photo on an iPhone X.
    The answer appears to be no, they won't add "bokeh" adjust in photos at least not yet. There is also an app called Slør that's been out almost since the X came out. Works really well and allows you to move the focus point around in addition to changing depth of field.

    This seems like a marketing money grab from Apple. Pretty disappointing and I'm an Apple fanboy for sure. I've only skipped one other iPhone (the 7) for the last 10+ years but will be skipping the Xs as well, I think.
  • Ground broken on Foxconn's first US factory, rumored to supply iPhone screens for Apple

    The politicians in Wisconsin have taken a big leap of faith that 13-15K jobs will be created by the plant (and many more in surrounding areas, of course). At this point, it seems they don't even know what sorts of jobs will be created or how many (13K or 15K). Will they require skill and pay higher wages or will they be jobs that don't' even require a high school diploma? Funny they can't even commit to what sort of product will be produced.

    Is this all worth $4B? Only time will tell but the community is investing in the future of their workforce so good on them. Hope it works out.
  • Foxconn's Wisconsin deal riskier for taxpayers than originally thought

    I'd bet within 5 years a large percentage of those jobs will be automated away. You know Foxconn will not be creating a brand new facility without maximizing automation. This isn't Asia where labor is relatively cheap so the motivation to do so is even higher. So there will be some nice jobs building the plant, optimizing production and after that the need for labor goes way down.