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  • SquareTrade iPhone X drop-test video disagrees with iFixit's repairability assessment

    It depends on who does the drop test. 
    The YouTube tech channel PhoneBuff does very systematic phone drop tests.
    Their results? The iPhone X did better than the iPhone 8+. 

    PS. The first 3 drop tests in the video are done from pocket height (a little over 3 feet or ~970 mm).

  • Early iPhone X video roundups examine build quality, Animoji, gestures

    newtonrj said:

    Okay,  YouTube as a marketing vector, got it.  But wouldn't it make sense to not publicly fire employees whose daughter does the same thing.  I get that she (and he) were not part of the marketing community, but insn't that just what AAPL wanted with its multiple reviews on YouTube, a viral hit?  Her hit count was above 3.7M views for her apology 

    It has been reported that the fired Apple employee had his daughter release confidential employee codes over YouTube. 
    That is a violation of not only the Apple NDA but could lead being fired at many companies which would not want confidential co-worker information to be released. 
    - I don't see that problem being reported with other people who have shown their iPhone X in the wild. 
  • Microsoft reveals Surface Book 2 hybrid tablets, claims they're twice as powerful as Apple...

    macxpress said:
    appex said:
    Apple should make a Mac tablet.
    I think you should just stop making suggestions....
    He might have a point.  As nice as the iPad Pro & Macbook Pros are, maybe the future of the tablet & laptop is the marriage between the two.  
    Not imo.
    - Windows 2 in 1s are not great tablets. The Windows hybrid is a laptop for most of it users where the trackpad / mouse is essential. Finger touch is an afterthought on these Surface PCs which usually only gets occasional use.
    - As for the laptop, the best OS imo is one optimized for mouse / trackpad use. Kludgy overlays of big tiles are a waste of resources and get in the way of the UI.
    - As for finger touch tablets, the best OS for that to me is one which is completely optimized for finger touch. 
  • Apple says more Smart Connector products for iPad Pro are coming

    From the article;

    "Another possibility for the lack of Smart Connector products is that Bluetooth is far better than it was in early incarnations..."

    An important point. I use a Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad. I would not consider a Smart Keyboard if I had a Pro because of the on screen keyboard issue. With the Smart Keyboard and the Smart Connector, the onscreen keyboard does not come up unless the keyboard is disconnected. Logitech has a version where their Smart Connector keyboard can be switched more easily with the onscreen keyboard. 
    Still imo that's an inconvenient solution compared with a Bluetooth keyboard. 

    With Bluetooth keyboards the physical keyboard and onscreen keyboard are available at all times. 
    The onscreen keyboard is very useful in iOS 10 as a trackpad to give precision cursor pointing on a capable iPad. 
  • Frankenphone combines (Product)Red iPhone 7 Plus with Jet Black iPhone face

    Back to the purpose of the red iPhone 7; it's about (RED) Products or red . org.
    Go to their website and a person will see that the colors of this organization are red and white.
    The billboards for this organization are red and white.
    And naturally almost all the products offered by this organization are red and white.

    * And so it makes sense that the red iPhone made for this organization"s fundraising would be red and white.