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  • Apple officially pulls iMac Pro from its online storefront

    MplsP said:
    lkrupp said:
    Something is on the way, I can smell it.
    Well, we know Apple’s coming out with an ASi iMac sometime, and since the M1 already matches the iMac Pro’s performance there wasn’t much point in keeping it around. The big question is when the ASi iMac is released. I’m betting April.  
    Not it's multi-core or GPU scores, just single core. The romped M1x will double the cores putting it on par with the 16-core Xeon but even with double the GPU it will fall short unless it can be clocked up or has even more GPU cores. Whatever it is it should not match but destroy the current iMac Pro. I hope they do away with 3rd party GPUs in all but the MacPro.
  • Apple might soon deliver standalone iOS security updates

    That's great because sometimes I have people who won't update thinking it will slow their system down, which usually isn't the case.
  • Apple touts iPhone 12 durability in 'Cook' ad

    This is why Apple keeps moving towards removing mechanical buttons and ports. Without those things the iPhone would be waterproof and eventually Star Trek level drop proof.
  • Apple made Photoshop transition to M1 a 'smooth experience,' Adobe says

    The M1 has generally been a smooth experience. It is better than my 2020 Intel MBP 13" 32GB for sure. Same speed or better, plus it runs silent and cool.

    Now that a lot of these native apps are coming through, the CPU, memory and swap memory usage have dropped during normal use. Once all of the apps are native this machine will be borderline magical compared to the Intel hairdryer I had before.

    Oh yeah, the battery life is INSANE and that's not an exaggeration. The battery management is also great. My previous Intel Mac lost 8% of its capacity in the first month and again after I complained and they replaced it, it fell again. In contrast, my M1 is still at 100% battery capacity after 3-months. Those Intel processors really wear out the battery.

    I don't miss Intel at all. Thanks, Apple!
  • BMW CFO says he sleeps 'very peacefully' in face of Apple Car threat

    We've worked for decades to make a good car. These computer guys aren't just going to walk in!