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  • Apple resolved M1 Mac SSD wear reporting issue in macOS 11.4

    Yep, I already spotted this. Swap memory usage is also way down.
  • M1 iMac teardown reveals massive speaker chamber, Magic Keyboard Touch ID sensor

    "A lot of impressive engineering went into making this thing as thin as possible, but did anyone really need a thinner all-in-one desktop? Apple's priorities continue to baffle," the site wrote.

    Apple ships products by air, not only paying for weight but also for volume. So shipping smaller computers with less packing material does result in a cost savings. This savings is also realized again when a computer under warranty has to be shipped to Apple and returned to the user. Last but not least, a smaller computer requires less materials to build. In total there is a noticeable savings for Apple. Plus, it simply looks more stylish and the absence of the power supply in the case reduces the amount of heat that needs to be dissipated and the energy used to accomplish that cooling.
  • Rumor: New MacBook Pro to debut at WWDC 2021

    Marvin said:
    netrox said:
    I just hope they don't bring HDMI port back. It's damn ugly and ruins the esthetics of MacBooks. I can see how SDHX port can look good - easy to make it the sides "rounded" But a HDMI port is hideous. 
    They could use mini-HDMI, here it is (middle) next to USB-C (top) and there's a micro-option:

    Or you can just use a USB-C to HMDI cable! Or USB-C to DisplayPort cable. I tend to carry a small USB-C hub for the wide range of stuff that is still out there: HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-A, VGA, ethernet, card slots, and all of the mini, micro and the other long list of variants out there. Makes no sense to put all that on a laptop, when most people will barely use most of them. If you cannot remember to bring your USB-C hub on the go, you'll probably forget your power supply, wallet and keys too.
  • Rumor: New MacBook Pro to debut at WWDC 2021

    If this is true, we will see all of the MBP and iMac models by November.

    As I predicted, I expect Apple to complete the transition by the 2022 WWDC with the debut of the MacPro.
  • Expedia chairman attacks Apple's 'disgusting' 30% commission fee

    It’s funny how they like to call Apple out about the 30%, acting like the other app stores don’t do the EXACT same thing 
    What I found funny from the testimony, is that Apple is still planning to charge iOS app makers 30% even if they go outside of the AppStore. I assume the App won't run iOS if it's not signed with a certificate by Apple.