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  • MacBook Pro images demonstrates reason for battery recall

    I walked into an AppleStore with a 2013 MBP last year and they offered to replace the battery free of charge for no apparent reason. Odd, I brought it in for a special warranty screen repair. Even odder, they had a small quiet group meeting over my MBP repair before making the offer.
  • Seven new MacBook & MacBook Pro models on the way

    macdoofus said:
    When do we expect these will be available to order? "Apple is planning to launch products in the coming months, or even sooner." whoa, I looked before posting. Hmm, Sooner? I shall delay my iMac order as an updated laptop would suit me....if affordable (lol)
    The usually updated them the same time every year: Jun-ish (developers conference), Nov-ish (before Xmas) and now some small bump a few months after the 1st of the year (quite spec bump). I suspect the next round of updates will be Nov-ish.

    A side note. There are certainly improvements that can be made when is comes to improving the internal specifications, but I doubt the external industrial design of the MBP will change much even with a move to ARM which is probably years off. Other than an edge-to-edge display or fiddling with the keyboard internals or removing the touch bar, the MBP is basically going to stay the same visually with 4x Thunderbolt ports. If anything, Apple would double down on the minimalism of the design if they could.
  • iPhone's global marketshare drops in March quarter as Chinese rivals remain ascendant

    cropr said:
    ivanh said:
    Apple is now 6 years lagging behind the world, e.g. 5G modem in 2025. No break-through in house apps, e.g. still the same Contacts app of 5 years ago. Poor HomeKit & Siri than Google Home & Assistant. Poor ergonomic screen design, you have to press buttons with your fingers flying to every corner of the screen to do simple tasks, the bigger the screen, the longer distance your fingers need to travel.

    my friend told me that his iPhone 6s is as fast as his son’s iPhone X. I asked him how come. He said it’s because he never updates the iOS and thus able to retain the original speed. Comparing to my iPhone 6 Plus with the current iOS version, his iPhone 6s runs like the Flash. And, he keeps the lovely 32-bit games which I have to forget because there’s no more 32-bit version.

    frankly, my kids are using latest iPhone versions. But I find nowhere near to upgrade mine.  Apple, do you know your problems?
    Good luck finding a 5G network and the second you walk indoors you'll lose that single. I know a lot of people haven't read the fine print when it comes to 5G but it's extremely short range 300-500 meters. It's easily blocked by walls, windows, doors, trees, leaves, rain, fog, so it basically doesn't penetrate far into buildings and from I've read, 5G indoors requires an outdoor receiver that delivers 5G over WiFi or Ethernet indoors.  5G speeds are awesome, but what real use is that speed on your smartphone? Sure you can tether it to a computer, but how often do you work outdoors.

    5G was basically designed to support huge numbers of people in large unobstructed spaces, like Times Square, or to supply gigabit speeds to city dwellers who will use it as a replacement for wired service. Due to the expense and range, it's not going to a full coverage spectrum and will need 4G and 3G to provide full coverage.
    Maybe you should follow a 101 course about 5G.  You clearly have no clue what you are talking about
    Really, then please explain it to me. But of course you can't be bothered. Please include links.

    Millimeter-wave 5G isn’t for widespread coverage, Verizon admits

    • Ray noted that millimeter-wave spectrum "has great potential in terms of speed and capacity, but it doesn't travel far from the cell site and doesn't penetrate materials at all."

    • One day after T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray wrote that millimeter-wave spectrum "will never materially scale beyond small pockets of 5G hotspots in dense urban environments," wireless industry analyst Craig Moffett asked Vestberg about Ray's statement during a Verizon earnings call.

    NOTE: Limited deployments due to cost and range.

    Advantages of 5G | Disadvantages of 5G Technology

    • Coverage distance of up to 2 meters (in indoor) and 300 meters (in outdoor) can be achieved due to higher losses at high frequencies (such as millimeter waves). 5G mmwave suffers from many such losses (penetration loss, attenuation due to rain, foliage loss etc.)

    NOTE: You can of course increase the distance by using a lower frequency but that comes with slower speeds, throughput and I assume greater latency.

    Sunrise launches 5G across Switzerland

    • 5G coverage and the Sunrise Internet Box 5G are needed for customers to benefit from 5G high-bandwidth Internet. Selected Sunrise 5G pioneers have been provided with a Sunrise Internet Box 5G exclusively and free of charge as an introductory offer. PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones simply connect to the Sunrise Internet Box 5G via WiFi at home or in the office and surfing at 5G speeds can begin.

    NOTE: With low material penetration you'll need 5G transmitters indoors or a 5G receiver to re-transmit over WiFi. Towers need to be connect to fiber optic lines for optimal performance.

    5G is a solution for New York City Times Square

    • 5G is a solution for New York City Times Square. About 350,000 pedestrians pass through Times Square on an average day—that number jumps to 460,000 on the busiest days—that's no small task.
  • Apple COO Jeff Williams 'aware' of iPhone, Mac price concerns

    ireland said:
    Shareholders scrambling to defend greed
    This comment makes no sense. Don’t blame shareholders. A true long-term shareholder would never defend ‘greed’ that won’t work in the long run. Companies shoot themselves in the foot with these types of pricing strategies all the time. I am a long term shareholder, and sympathetic to the argument that Apple may have done it here. 

    As as an aside, I’ve been working on my new $4,000 15” MBP for a few weeks now, and it’s a POS product in terms of build quality. Lousy keyboard, a largely useless eye-candy touchbar, a usb-c connector that you have to yank hard to get out, no extension cord for the power brick, a cover that dings easily (I already have two, when my heavily-used 2012 and 2015 MBPs both have zero, to-date), and an Apple logo that does not light up. And, IMHO, a screen that is inferior to my 2015 model. 
    The Apple Logo does not light up because it's no longer designed to light up anymore.

    Apple's margins haven't changed in decades, as Jobs said, they just don't make junk.
  • Apple distributes eleventh iOS 12, ninth macOS Mojave and tvOS 12 developer betas [u]

    Oh my, so many betas. What's wrong with this software? Time to turn off automatic updates!  ;)