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  • Future MacBook Pro displays could automatically open & tilt to suit the user

    Moving parts, especially the kind of motor required for this would just create more points of failure for repair. Makes more sense to adjust the angle of the camera lens, not the whole lid. We will never see an automated lid come to market. This is like a patent grab to protect IP.
  • New HomePod mini colors may go on sale in first week of November

    So can I use it as a Bluetooth speaker yet? Way too much lag over WiFi to use it for audio when watching movies.
  • Apple unveils 16-inch MacBook Pro with M1 Pro, M1 Max starting at $2499

    No new iMac.
    No new Mac Mini.
    So disappointing.
    We re desktop people.
    lol oh jeeze. iMac and Mini already got M1 upgrades last time. MBP line is being completed since the low end was the first a year ago. Larger iMac likely next next. 
    Nobody seem to notice that 4x the 5600M GPU makes the M1 as fast as the highest GPU in the MacPro, while consuming 50% power. 168,783 is the highest Metal benchmark on GeekBench and 4x the 5600M is 170,000. That's insane. It's probably no sustained due tot he thermals but, it might be due to the unified memory.

    The M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max pretty much cover everything up to but not including the MacPro. Whatever is going into the MacPro will be insane. M1 Extreme?

  • Apple unveils 16-inch MacBook Pro with M1 Pro, M1 Max starting at $2499

    There is simply no PC laptop that comes close to this beast. Basically, double the power/performance. Any PC laptop build to match it would be much bigger, heavier, and sound like a leaf blower, not to mention the short battery life.

    If the M1 Max really is x4 faster than the 5600M GPU, then it's as fast as the fastest dedicated GPU in the MacPro. That's insane. That's probably peak performance and the sustained is a bit less, but that's still insane. At 4x is would have a Metal score of 170.

    And this is all at the very same price point of the INTEL Macs that this beast is shredding!  :D

    Their is simply nothing comparable on the PC laptop side of the equation.

  • Unreleased MacBook Pro screen resolutions discovered in macOS Monterey beta

    F_Kent_D said:
    rezwits said:
    Good Bye Bezels hello (wanna-be 4K!!) 1728 x 1,117 (close enogh to 1080 for me!!)

    Man Can't wait, how much more Budgeting can a person do?!?
    I sense a bit of sarcasm here. WITF needs 4K on a 14 inch screen at an average 3 foot distance? Apple manages motion and animations rather well and is able to dress up screen tech. Take the XR for example, the best selling iPhone in years buy a lot and it has the worse display of every phone in the same price range (On paper). I own one and still use it daily for work, and for what it is there’s not a ton to complain about. My personal phone is the 12 Pro and have the 13 Pro Max coming tomorrow. Looking forward to the new cameras. 
    Exactly. That's just stupid. What's the point of paying for something you cannot even see. Oh, right, specs. We see the same on iPhone competitors. they trip and fall over pixels without seeing a change in quality.