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  • One Apple GPU, one giant leap in graphics for iPhone 8

    JayT said:
    I would bet that Apple is working on integrating Mixed Reality (MR) into the graphics pipeline. Cameras with depth fields, GPU with native support for MR... now that gets interesting.
    You are spot on here.

    And to be more specific I think that the information supplied by the main camera will be transformed before being rendered on the screen. This transform will depend on the position of the iPhone owners eyes so that what is on screen will fit in with the "reality" outside the bezels. This "transformation" all taking place in real time on proprietry Apple silicon. 
  • As Apple's GPU plans go public, Imagination fears becoming a tech orphan

    I think this news ties in with Tim Cook's recent comments on AR (Augmented Reality). He said that he views AR like the silicon used in the iPhone’s chips, in other words as a “core technology” and “not a product per se.

    I would hazard a guess that Apple's coming AR implementation will be configured in Apple designed silicon and Apple will be able to keep others from copying by making it impossible or very difficult to reverse engineer.
  • New Apple Park drone footage reveals occupied research and development building, landscapi...

    All of these buildings and all of these employees, and what comes of it - a [Red] iPhone, and not a whole lot more. WTF are they doing? Cooks says "lots in the pipeline" Is he talking about the Keystone pipeline? Certainly after all of this time, people and acquisitions you'd think there'd be some amazing tech happening — what a sad excuse for a company Apple has become. I've been using their products exclusively since 1993, but I just can't see this continuing!
    For sentimental reasons I am sure that the senior management of Apple want to announce "the next big thing" in the Steve Jobs Theatre. Give them a month or two more.
  • Rumor: Apple to debut 10.5-inch iPad Pro at special event in early April

    I think the new size iPad will introduce Apple's new Augmented Reality functionality. This functionality has been heralded already by Tim Cook. 

    Now the way I think the Augmented Reality functionality will work is to have facial tracking capability on the front of the device. This will allow the machine to display a "seamless" version of reality on the screen (actually the bezel will be the "seam", that is why they are reducing it as much as possible) as it can work out exactly where the viewer's eyes are all the time.

    Obviously this functionality is more pertinant with an iPad compared to an iPhone as an iPad provided its viewer with a bigger chunk of "reality" (for the same distance from the eye, of course).

    I think this will be BIG. I just hope the technology can be protected by patents or by some other means. Maybe the fact that Apple designs their own chips now will be sufficient to stop the opposition from copying.

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